Hi and thanks for visiting TheWherewithals!

This blog is dedicated to all things beauty, with a special focus on skin care. Finding your way through the jungle of promises and claims called beauty industry can be very overwhelming, and paradoxically, the more products and brands you discover, the more things get confusing. This is why, on this site, I try to break things down to the very basics, i.e. to the active ingredients.

On the other hand, I think that skin care and make-up should always (and maybe even primarily) be a source of fun and happiness, of comfort and well-being. This is why an occasional rave about a particularly luxurious packaging, an indulgent scent or some other purely feel-good bits and bobs should always be expected 🙂

So why not start a quest together for those holy grail products that make us look and feel our best?

xo Anne


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