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Bye-bye, Undereye! (Not) The Best Concealers For Fair Skin (II)

After having discovered a really good concealer for only 1,99 € (check out Part I!), I was full of hope to find The Holy Grail if only I upped my game a little bit: Hence I tried two medium-priced, high-street concealers. I have to say, tough, that they have their oddities!

When I thought about investing in a medium-priced concealer, there was one product that immediately came to my mind: Bourjois’ Healthy Mix, of course! It claims to be “therapeutic” and activate your skin’s micro-circulation: I have not noticed such an effect, but then again, I’ve not been using this product every day. What I can say about it, however, is that even though this is the lightest shade and it’s marketed towards fair skin (it’s called “Light Radiance”, after all), this concealer does not work on fair skin, unless it is extremely yellow-toned (which, I suppose, would be rather rare).

As you can clearly see from the pictures, it’s almost a straight up yellow colour, and significantly darkens over the course of the day. I’ve looked into the mirror after a few hours of having been out and about only to find my face blotchy and looking almost tainted. For around 14 €, I’d expect a product marketed towards fair skin to actually suit fair skin tones, and not to turn even darker through oxidisation. If your skin is less pale than mine however, you might really like this one, because the coverage is actually outstanding!

One day when I had a bit of spare time, I hit the make-up aisle in order to compare more affordable concealers to more pricey ones like Estée Lauder’s Double Wear. After about an hour of swatching, I went for BeYu’s Light Reflecting Concealer, which I had never heard of before. I really liked how light and pink this product was, however: It’s actually the lightest and pinkest one I’ve come across, so far. Also, it really lives up to its name and gives you a lovely, radiant finish.

The only real downside is the packaging: Contrary to Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer, BeYu’s one doesn’t come with a doe-foot, but a brush applicator: A really small, short and limp brush, that simply bends away when you apply your concealer! Which means that you are literally going to scratch your face with the sharp plastic part of the applicator when trying to put on the product. Maybe this kind of applicator works for women who only need two airy little dabs of concealer; but if you need to pile it on like I do, you are just going to be annoyed every single day about having spent 11,95 € on a concealer that hurts you. I still use it though, but only as a light finishing coat for my Maybelline Fit Me, which is of a very similar shade, but a bit darker and less radiant. Together, both products are awesome; but then again, together, they cost almost 17 €!

Which leads me to the conclusion that happily, 1,99 € is all you need to spend to keep those dark circles at bay: Thanks, Essence! 🙂 (click here for part one, a full review on my favourite concealer).


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