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Wintertime: It’s Up to You!

In Bavaria, we’ve reached this incredible time of the year where our nights are almost twice as long as our days. But if you think of this season to be awfully dull, dark and depressing, you’ve just not mastered the art of a cosy night in quite yet 🙂 Here’s a list of must-haves and must-dos!

If you want to make the darker months a more pleasant experience, keep in mind that Wintertime …

  • … is Pamper Time!

When would you soak in an indulgent Lush bath with a good book and a face mask, if not now? When would you paint your nails in the most decadent, sparkly, OTT shade of red, if not now? Or, to sum it up: When would you ever have an excuse to look after yourself, if not during a 15-hour-night?3243451667_051c2ae22e_z

(Candlelit Bath by John Rutter is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

  • … is TV time!

If already, you’re confined to your own four walls because of the darkness and the cold, you might just as well make the most of it and catch up on some TV series and movies you’ve been planning on watching, but just didn’t get round to it during those busy months of summer. If you’re lacking inspiration, go for the good old Christmas classics like Home Alone 1&2, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Love Actually or all these other movies people around you seem to enjoy at this time of the year. If you don’t find them entertaining, have a glass or two of mulled wine and try again. If you still don’t like them, you should seriously consider to start a Grinch Therapy, or to just move to the Caribbean for your own good 😉

  • … is Friends Time!

Even though you might not meet your friends for a swim in the lake or a BBQ in the park anymore, you can still spend some lovely quality time together. Just invite them round for a cosy board game party, to bake Christmas cookies or simply to have a chat over a glass of mulled wine. Or plan a gift wrapping evening with your best friend: She might keep you company while you wrap your gifts; then you switch locations and do the same thing vice versa.

(Open Fire and Wine by Steven S. is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

  • … is Onesie Time!

You’re freezing? Blame yourself! There’s a bagillion different ways of feeling nice and toasty AND looking uber-stylish during wintertime: Just google “Winter Onepiece Jumpsuit”, choose between snowflake, moose or gingerbread-men patterns, buy one for each person living in your household and stop moaning. Just don’t open the door in this outfit if you still want your neighbours to take you seriously.

  • … is what you make of it!

If on your birthday, you’d see nobody, open no presents, eat no cake and do nothing special, you’d know you’d have to blame yourself for having a shitty birthday. With Wintertime, it’s exactly the same! If you actively refuse to get into the festive spirit, no wonder all you perceive is darkness and cold! I think that many people enjoyed the season as a child, but as an adult, they have simply forgotten how Christmas works. So ban this inner Grinch for good, go and buy a blimin’ Christmas tree when it is time to, decorate it whilst listening to some decent Christmas music, and just do all these oh-so-silly humbug things everybody else is doing. In Luxembourg, we have a saying along the lines of: “Do what everybody else does, so you’ll feel like everybody else.” Which in this case means: cosy and buoyant and festive and cheerful 🙂


(From my house to yours by Lida is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0)


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