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Bye-bye, Under-eye! Best Concealers For Fair Skin (I)

Now that even the last little bit of my fairly non-existent tan is gone, my under-eye circles start to take over my face again. As a countervailing measure, I’ve put four inexpensive to medium-priced concealers to the test. Here’s part one of my round-up, with two real goodies! 

Being one, if not the most hyped drugstore concealer out there at the moment, Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer was obviously the first one I had put to the test. I can definitely understand the hype now that I’ve tried the product, because for 4,95 €, you are getting both very good coverage and a nice applicator. I was unable to find shade 10, which is the lightest one, but I could still get away with 15 during the summer (even though it is extremely pink-toned). Now that winter approaches though, 15 is a bit too dark for me, which is why I top it off it with a second product that I am going to talk about in part 2 of this little series.

As you can see in the picture, this particular shade is not going to work on even faintly yellow-toned skin; but then again, this exact range comes in a huge variety of shades, hence the name “fit me”. I am pretty confident that most women are going to find their perfect match within the Fit Me range! Well done, Maybelline (except for the packaging: as you can see, all the writing has rubbed off, making it a no name concealer) ;-).

When I started this little test series, I was determined to find a really excellent concealer (comparable to Estée Lauder’s Double Wear or Nars’ Radiant Creamy Concealer, both around the 30 € price mark) at a significantly lower price: After all, I go through concealers really quickly and don’t want to spend 25 € per month on my under-eye circles. A month ago, this unremarkable and rather ugly little tube then prove me right! It is possible to find a great concealer at a really low price, for 1,99 € to be precise. It covers my under-eye circles better than any other concealer out there that I’ve tried, it doesn’t go darker during the day, it doesn’t crease and doesn’t irritate my eyes. The only downside would be that there are only two colour shades available: But remarkably, one of the two shades is suitable for fair skins, which is rare enough for drugstore products!

So there you go: The best one is also the cheapest one in this case! 🙂 Stay tuned for part two of this series however, where I am going to talk about two products to avoid in my opinion!


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