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The One Eyeshadow Palette You Really Need #SpendingDifferently

As all of you regular readers out there will know, I’ve seriously tried to cut down the eye-shadow madness over the past few months. But as easy as it might have been to say good-bye to a lot of palettes, there’s one that I’d buy and recommend over and over again!

The shadows look a bit grubby already, but they've been well loved!

The shadows look a bit grubby already, but they’ve been well loved!

The palette I’m talking about is definitely the most plain and unremarkable one out of all of them: It’s Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Basics! It was launched back in 2014 as an alternative to the Naked 1 Basics, which features more intense, less taupe-toned nudes; the nudes in the Naked 2 Basics on the other are a lot more muted. But instead of me telling you the Naked 2 story all over again, let me just make a very clear case as to why every woman should have this palette in her life!

F.l.t.r.: Cover, Frisk, Stark, Skimp

F.l.t.r.: Cover, Frisk, Stark, Skimp

Undone (l) and Primal (r)

Undone (l) and Primal (r)

  • Versatility

I am not going to tell you any news when stating that, obviously, you can achieve both natural and smoky eyes with the help of Naked 2 Basics. But contrary to many other palettes out there, Frisk, Cover, Primal and Undone also make for perfect eyebrow powders, whether you’ve got very light (Frisk) or very dark brows (Primal + Undone): It’s very rare, indeed, to find a palette whose colour selection and pigmentation is good enough to work as an eye-shadow and eyebrow palette.

As if this wasn’t enough already, the lightest shade (Skimp) has got a beautiful, ever so subtle luminosity to it, making it both a perfect brow- and cheekbone highlight! Undone obviously works as powder eye-liner, and applied carefully with your middle finger and then blended out with a dense brush, I could even see Primal work as a contour powder! So apart from blusher, there’s everything in this palette you could possible need for your face powder make-up!Naked Basics 2

  • Quality

Urban Decay is a Californian brand inspired by surfers: The founders wanted to create make-up products that lasted well during a day out in the heat. As literally all of their eye products, the Naked 2 Basics keeps this promise thanks to (what Urban Decay calls) the Pigment Infusion Tecnique! I’ve no idea about the science behind this, but it definitely works! Not only is the consistency as buttery as it possibly gets: The shades are also insanely well pigmented (for nudes especially), leaving you with an unobtrusive, natural, but definitely well-defined, noticeable and long-lasting eye make-up.

  • Packaging and Size

After the one or the other shattering disaster with other products, I really appreciate how travel-safe the Naked 2 Basics is! Not only does the slim packaging come with a large mirror and easily glides into every purse or make-up bag: It also seems to really protect the shadows, since I’ve travelled at least a dozen times with it without it showing any signs of cracking or crumbling. That’s what packaging should do in the first place! It might not look spectacular or particularly luxurious, but the suede finish is definitely very pleasant to touch, very robust and clean (contrary to Lorac and Nars packaging, for instance), and the font also makes for a rather lush detail.Naked Basics Q

  • Price Point

27,99 € might still not be inexpensive for an eye-shadow palette, but if you consider the quality of this product and the price of comparable ones like a Mac Quad (around 40 €) or a small Chanel (51,95 €) or Dior (57,95 €) palette, the Naked Basics are still definitely on the more reasonably priced side!

So even though I might not be as emotionally attached to this palette as I am to some older or more festive ones, I have to admit that I use the Naked Basics 2 most out of all the palettes I own. Should you be in the market for a real all-rounder and travel companion, this would be my number one tip!


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