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The Infinity Dreams Award

As I’ve promised in my Welcome Back Post, here’s another tag for you. I hope you enjoy these bits of easy, casual, informational and sometimes a bit nosy reading just as much as I do 🙂

I’ve been tagged once more by the lovely Allie from moscato&mascara: Definitely check out her blog if you are looking for some serious drugstore love; but only after you’ve read this post, of course 🙂 Infinity

(Infinty Bliss by Daniel Hoherd is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0)

  • Who is your favourite YouTouber?

That’s a really hard one! My decision to watch or not to watch a particular YouTuber always entirely depends on my mood, and I jump from tutorials to hauls to very informational videos to vlogs, constantly, but I wouldn’t want to miss any of those categories. What makes the decision even more difficult is the fact that they’ve all got different uploading schedules: There are some channels that I like better than others, but then again they don’t upload as frequently. Roughly breaking it down into categories however, I’d say Ruth Crilly, Caroline Hirons and Hélène MonBlogDeFille for serious product reviews, the SacconeJolys for vlogs, and Tanya, Fleur, Zoe, Amelia and Estée for everything they have to offer. Weirdly, I also like to watch old videos from Ingrid and Elle from time to time, but I don’t enjoy their more recent ones. But it’s the mix, right? It’s the mix!

  • What is your favourite beauty brand?

I am afraid I’ll need to break this up into categories as well: Rituals for shower products and body lotions, Lush for bath bombs, either CD or Saint Laurent for make-up (except my ChrimaLuxe mineral foundation), Italian perfumes and La Roche-Posay for any serious skin care concerns.

  • What is your favourite store to shop at?

Realistically speaking, it’d have to be either Ludwig Beck or Oberpollinger in Munich if I’ve got some money to spend, or else Karstadt near Munich central station if I’m on a bit of a budget as far as clothing goes. As much as I might like the clothes in Zara, Mango etc., I definitely prefer big, yet calm and serene department stores as far as the shopping experience itself is concerned.


(Blue Munich by yellowcloud is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

  • How old were you when you became really interested in makeup?

I have definitely been very late to the bandwagon, since my love for make-up only started when I was 19. I had just moved into my first flat, which was situated right next to a German drugstore. Ever since, the make-up aisle and I see each other regularly.

  • Lipliner or nah?

Two questions: 1) Why not? and 2) Why on earth do I own none? Let’s go shopping!

I again tag Alex (Simply20sLife), Lea (fantabulea),  Ankita & Karan (Beauty and the Being), Ruth (A Model Recommends) and Anna (Anna Saccone) and ask them to answer the following questions, all “Infinity”-themed in consideration of this tag’s name. I limited Eternity to one year however so as to make the questions more answerable 😉

  • Which fragrance would you pick if you had to wear it for a whole entire year every day?
  • If you could wake up with either a perfect hair-style or a perfectly hair-free body every morning for one year, which option would you chose?
  • If you had to wear one nail polish for an entire year, which one would it be? You are allowed to name one for every season.
  • One year of summer or one year of winter? You could still travel.
  • If you could only buy make-up from one brand for 365 days, which one would it be?

Please thank and follow the blog that nominated you, display the award on your blog, answer the questions given to you by the lovely that nominated you, and nominate other bloggers to answer your own questions 🙂


One thought on “The Infinity Dreams Award

  1. I feel the same way about Ingrid ‘ s new video style too! It just feels like she stopped talking to her audience as people and the majority of her products are high end now, I can’t relate as much.

    Long term commitment to a product might be difficult…at least you changed it to a year and not forever! Thank you for the nomination, I look forward to answering your questions!


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