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Woman About Town: Autumn Shoe Staples #4

When modest, mid-high suede loafer pumps are just not enough and Louboutins not an option, it’s time for a pair of high ankle boots: They save you the awkward stiletto-heel pitter-patter through muddy puddles, whilst still having written “elegant and forceful” all over them.

Contrary to the other shoes I’ve presented over the past few weeks, ankle boots don’t go back to one particular shoe manufacturer. In fact, “ankle boot” is just a general term for a whole variety of models. They all have in common that they go well with trousers and skirts/dresses. By covering your ankle, this kind of a boot visually shortens your leg: You should therefore go for a pair of dark, high-heeled boots with dark trousers or tights if you wish to minimize this effect.

Keeping this simple little trick in mind however, a nice pair of high ankle boots is going to be your go-to option on days when you need robust, but very feminine or even sexy shoes. Here’s a selection of a few models that brilliantly combine weather resistance and femininity:

  • (1) John Baker have brought out this truly weather-proof, sturdy pair of ankle boots (239 €) that will make you look feminine and classy even if you pair them with just jeans and a knit jumper. They don’t ask for anything, but they give a lot!Baker
  • (2) To me, these gorgeous Hush Puppies strike a balance between elegance and everyday appropriateness. I was really surprised by their amazing quality and comfort, considering their price point of 109,95 € only (which is about as affordable as it gets for decent quality leather ankle boots). IMG_5628
  • (3) Michael Kors’ Georgia Booties (250 €) are the perfect example of how a shoe can be autumn-appropriate and extremely feminine at the same time. A pair for a date night out, I’d say! 20744736044_64fd6327b4_z

(1) John Baker’s Ankleboot by is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

(3) Michael Kors Georgia Platform Bootie High-Heel Ankleboot by is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Don’t hesitate to share your favourite pair of ankle booties in the comments 🙂


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