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The Safe Option: Autumn Shoe Staples #3

There’s a time for big appearances, and there’s a time for unobtrusiveness. With an simple pair of loafer pumps, you’re on the well-dressed, but totally safe side for all the doctor’s visits, errands and brunches with grand-ma to come … 

As much of a statement as your regular flat loafer might be: Loafer pumps are the exact opposite! In my eyes, this is due to the block heel, that takes away the masculine edge of a regular loafer and thus significantly tones town the eccentricity of the original model.20653469208_8710c4ed79_z

(John Baker’s College Slipper by Spera is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

In terms of adaptability, loafer pumps even beat regular loafers: With their ankle-revealing cut and (more or less high) heel, they visually lengthen the leg and thus suit every cut of trousers, skirt or dress. Contrary to the more eccentric, flat loafers however, they also go very well with more casual, everyday outfits, because they make less of a statement and therefore don’t ask for an accordingly sophisticated outfit. Nonetheless, loafer pumps are far from being dull: They add an effortlessly feminine touch to whatever you are wearing, but in the most classy and unobtrusive way possible.

Like flat loafers, loafer pumps exist in a huge variety of materials and designs. Most of them come with a saddle and a style of apron that imitates your classic Wildsmith. I’ve recently invested in a pair of dark brown, suede, mid-height Tommy Hilfiger loafer pumps that make for the perfectly lady-like, but decent, no-brainer everyday companion. Plus, the tartan inside lining looks really autumnal and festive and cheers my autumn-loving heart every time I put them on 🙂 IMG_5592

You might also come across (Kiltie) tassel loafer pumps (what a mouthful :D) that add a bit more of an elegantand refined touch to your outfit: But even with these slightly more statement versions of a loafer pump, you are still going to look perfectly unobtrusive and down-to-earth.Loafer Pump

(Madewell’s The Perfect Pennyloafer Pump by Megan Hemphill (Prairie & Co) are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Thus, if you are currently struggling to find the right shoe to go with your everyday outfits, because every pair you own is “too this” or “too that”, go for a pair of loafer pumps next time you hit the stores! Because loafer pumps are just right 🙂


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