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Review: Garnier’s Body Urea Lotion

As winter draws near, so do flaky skin and itchy shins! To tackle the issue, I’ve tested yet another urea-enriched body lotion, trying to find an affordable alternative to La Roche-Posay. And this time, I might have been successful…

As you will know if you are an early subscriber, I really rate urea as an ingredient and La Roche-Posay’s Iso-Urea Lait Lissant in particular for moisturizing severely dry skin and relieving any itchy sensation I might be getting on my shins as soon as the temperatures drop. The only downside about said product would be its rather stiff price:  It retails at around 20 € per 400 ml. Which is why, after a first olfactoric fail with Balea’s Urea Bodylotion, I’ve continued my quest for a worthy alternative: And with Garnier’s Body Urea 24h Lotion, I’ve struck lucky this time!Urea

Retailing at 3,45 € or even 2,49 € on sale, the price is really nothing to grumble about; and neither is the scent! The lotion has got Garnier’s signature scent and just smells rich, creamy and comforting: nothing sickly cake-ish about it 🙂 But more importantly, with an urea-concentration of 5 %, Body Urea works just as fine as its expensive competitor and gives you the desired tingling effect when applied, followed by (literally!) 24-h-comfort and moisturization. Remarkably, urea is the fourth ingredient of this lotion, closely followed by shea butter and fatty acids to nourish and protect the skin: Water and glycerin on positions one and two are an ideal combination to add water to and maintain it within your skin. Obviously, this lotion needs a little while to be fully absorbed, which is why I would recommend to use it at night-time.

If I had to find fault about Garnier’s Body Urea, I would query the packaging. Considering the thick consistency of this self-proclaimed “creme-milk” (there’s nothing milky about it, if you ask me), the opening might just be a little bit too tight. But considering the amazing job this product does at relieving dryness, and at keeping your skin moisturized for an entire day, I think the additional ten seconds it takes to squeeze out the lotion are well worth the effort! 🙂


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