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Rediscover Wallpapering

In Germany, we call drastic and therapeutic changes of scenery a “change of wallpaper” (Tapetenwechsel): If like me, you believe in the truth of this saying and in the totally underrated potential of wallpaper, you might find these sites quite helpful for your next redecorating projects!

Wallpapering your rooms or even only one wall adds character to a formerly blank space, saves you a lot of effort trying to spruce up your home with the help of accessories and pictures, and – in brief – makes all the difference to a room. Hence, my partner and I have literally been spending hours and days hitting all the wallpaper catalogues, samples and websites we could possibly find. To make this sometimes rather tedious process easier for you (who on earth, for instance, hopes top sell wallpaper online if there are only 200×200 images and photos available?), I want to share my top three wallpaper web stores with you. Not only do these online shops sell unique designs for all budgets and tastes; they also offer great customer service and they provide decent-sized, informative pictures.


(Thumbnail: Décor Inspiration: A Madrid Appartment by Burrs&Berries is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0)

  • Tried and trusted: Rasch Wallpaper Designs (€-€€€)

Rasch is a very renowned German family business that currently stocks over 6500 different designs, from very basic to rather fancy. If you are on a budget, have a more conservative taste or simply don’t want to go all in in terms of costs and/or extravaganza levels, you might very well enjoy Rasch’s collections. If on the other hand you are in for a treat, their breath-taking 1861 collection for over 200 € per square meter (!!!!) might appeal to you as well. I particularly like the Africa and Black Forest collections, and Verity from the 1861 collection, which however is totally out of reach.

  • Where nostalgia meets daring: Wallpaper from the 70s (€-€€)

If plain is not option, Wallpaper from the 70s will cater to your taste! I cannot imagine a room situation that could not be helped with these sometimes retro, sometimes industrial, sometimes romantic or floral or simply gorgeous wallpapers. Check out my favourites Mandarava, Maleme and Zewana for some really extraordinary designs from 29 to 129 € per roll.

  • Where the name says it all: Rebelwalls (€€-€€€)

Rebelwalls don’t sell wallpaper: They sell murals individually customized to your wall size, starting from 45 € per square meter. And should you not find your perfect one amongst their sometimes unobtrusive (Rosegarden), sometimes flashy (Harlequin Roses) nature- or floral-themed, brick-wall-inspired or map-like murals, Rebelwalls even offer the option to upload your own picture.

Let me know which wallpaper designs you like best, and if you are actually planning to redecorate your home 🙂



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