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Three Affordable Autumn Staples

Today’s the official beginning of autumn, which is an awesome thing per se, but may also leave you a bit clueless as far as your wardrobe choices are concerned. But don’t you worry, I’ve browsed the current autumn/winter collections for affordable, special pieces that add a fall vibe to all of your outfits in a trice 🙂


  • Accessorize necklace

Nothing says autumn more in the world of jewellery than yellow gold. After weeks and months of wearing silver and rose gold, I can’t wait to pair my khakis, reds and browns with some true gold colours. Accessorize have come up with a particularly well-made, dainty, yet statement double necklace that combines the warmth of yellow gold with the sobriety of geometrical jewellery. I really like the intricacy of the two chains and their different patterns, and the edgy feel the quartz stone adds to the whole piece. There isn’t a sweater boring enough not be transformed into understated coolness with the help of this little gem (12,90 €)!Autumn_3

  • Zara fir green handbag

This small, dark fir green, faux leather Zara handbag has to be my favourite purchase for autumn/winter 2015 so far. The sturdy yellow golden chain in combination with the dark green colour just feels so appropriate for the darker season, whilst the inward-closing flap adds a casual little something to an otherwise very puristic design.  A must-have staple for a mere 19,95 that is going to accompany you through all of autumn and winter (think of your Christmas parties and other festive winter outings)!


  • Esprit tartan poncho

I’ve always fancied the laid-back poncho look on sunny, yet crisp autumn days, but so far, I couldn’t find an affordable and flattering poncho. Since I have got a rather large bust, coarse knit ponchos tend to make me look 10 pounds heavier because they hide rather than hug my curves. This thin Esprit poncho however ticks all the boxes, since it retails at 39,99 € only whilst feeling as soft as cashmere and actually looking a lot more flattering than other, more coarse and stiff ponchos I’ve tried in the past: Check out the picture on the Esprit website to get an impression of what I mean… It hugs my body in all the right places and will definitely become my plum-and-berry-coloured companion for many an autumn day 🙂 

Have you been shopping for autumn yet? Show me some of your favs! 🙂


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