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My Favourite Modern, Autumnal Colour Combo

When going for a full nighttime face of make-up, the risk of ending up with a somewhat too classic smokey eye and red lip combo is real; but mixing things up can be a real struggle, too! Here’s a selection of my current favourite products for a festive, yet modern nighttime colour palette.

As I am writing this post, it is the late afternoon and I am getting ready for a night out. Since it will already be dark by the time I leave the house, I feel comfortable wearing dark, expressive colours that I’d avoid during the day. At nighttime however, the warm, dark colours in combination with radiant, golden accents and a ever so slightly clashing, cool berry lip should make for the perfect festive and autumnal, yet modern and young look. My current favourite colour palette for autumn nights would therefore be in the deep and dusky pinks, warmed up with golden sparkle and brought back to a more youthful appearance with some cool-toned berries. IMG_5471

  • On my eyes, I like to use Maybelline’s 24h Color Tattoo in “Metallic Pomegranate” as a base (bottom swatch): These cream-gel eyeshadows have been getting a lot of coverage over the past year or two, but being affordable dupes to more exclusive cream shadows like By Terry’s Ombre Blackstar or Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre, they are definitely worth the hype. You can easily get hold of this range in drugstores pretty much all around the world for around 6,75 € only. “Metallic Pomegranate” is an intense antique pink with a distinct metallic shimmer that adds darkness to the eye without looking dull or grungy: It could definitely be used on its own, but when I am in the mood, I just like to work my eye make-up a bit further.IMG_5472
  • To further intensify the crease and to add more definition the shape of my eyes, I like to deepen my crease with a powder eyeshadow in a similar shade to the cream one I used before. My favourite colours for this purpose would come from L’Oréals La Palette Nude Rose, from my Lorac Pro 1 (a mixture of “Mauve” and “Champagne”), from my very well loved Dior Golden Snow palette (L.E.); or I’d just go for Seventeen’s “Rose Quartz“. IMG_5473
  • To pull the sultry eye-look together, a dark eyeliner is essential: I use just any black crayon and than go over it with Metallic Pomegranate to create a more smoked-out effect.
  • After darkness comes light: Hence, I add warmth and sparkle to the middle of my lids, my inner corners and my brow bone with the help of The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer to further sculpt the eye and add that little extra bit of glamour.
  • With such a classic eye-look as this one, I find it very important to add a modern touch with the help of a lipstick that does not quite match the colour palette on the eyes: I therefore like to go for a burgundy or berry red lip that is dissimilar enough to the eye colours to look young and modern, but similar enough not to disturb the warmth, elegance and serenity of the antique pink on the eyes (top swatch). A fail-safe option would be Maybelline’s Color Drama in 310 “Berry Much” (bottom swatch): a matt, cool, violet-toned berry colour that looks ever so slightly edgy and thus balances out the over-sophistication of the eye. It is also fail-safe in the sense that it will not budge all night, even when you are eating: Of course, you might have to reapply afterwards, but it fades in dignity instead of leaving you looking like a smeared clown after your first two sips. IMG_5474
  • When sporting such an intense look, I pass on contouring and just put on a little bit of a very subtle blusher like Mac’s Desert Rose, whose crappy pigmentation (really disappointed with this one; sorry Mac!) actually comes in handy when you are trying to go for a more subtle blush effect.
  • And how to finish off the look? Well, obviously, a little bit of Mary-Lou Manizer on the cheekbones is compulsory on such anoccasion. Bet you saw that coming 🙂

And voilà: This would be my suggestion for an autumnal night out. Please leave me comments on what you like to use at the moment when getting ready for a special occasion!


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