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The Perfect Red Lip & A Sought-After Dupe

Here’s some good news for you: Red lips are back, which means that looking effortlessly elegant has never been easier! I’ve ransacked the drugstores for some affordable iconic reds; and I’ve found more than I’d expected 🙂

Ever since a lot of my favourite YouTubers started sporting Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in the colour 01 back in autumn of last year, a perfect red lip equalled inaccessible to me: Because sadly, Rimmel is not sold where I live. I loved this colour so much – especially on Zoe – that I didn’t even consider looking for dupes: I was set on this particular shade of red, and on nothing else! Obviously, I could not have been happier when last week, and just in time for autumn, I just stumbled across my Holy Grail To Be in the most random of all shops back in a small town where my parents live. 
IMG_5442 Rimmel2

Luckily, Rimmel’s 01 (what about giving your products actual names, Rimmel??) lived up to all of my expectations: It is perfectly pigmented, very long-lasting, smooth, not too drying if you consider the amazing staying powers, and most importantly: It is the perfect red in two (equally important) ways. First of all, colour-wise, Rimmel’s 01 has got cool, blue undertones that flatter all skin tones and even make your teeth look whiter. Secondly, and more importantly, this lipstick also has a wintery and festive feel to it, which is mostly due to its unique, black-diamond-infused formula that gives you an absolutely fascinating, semimatte finish.

If you ask me, the finish is just as important on a red lipstick as the shade of colour itself. A little too much gloss or shimmer can make all the difference between classy and trashy; and Rimmel’s 01 has simply got the perfect finish, which I though right from the beginning, and which I can confirm now that I own the product. The only right way to describe the mesmerizingly soft ways in which this series of lipsticks refracts the light would be by comparing it to the luminescence of velvet.

Alarm (left), 01 (middle), Elegant Red (right)

The only letdown for me (but benefit for you) was the discovery that Rimmel’s 01 is actually not as unique at all as I had supposed. The finish might have a hardly noticeable, unique velvety touch to it, but otherwise, I could easily find two perfect dupes in my (rather small) collection! The first one would be Rimmel’s Lasting Finish in 170 “Alarm”, and the second one Alverde’s 25 “Elegant Red”: Both of them come extremely close to Rimmel by Kate Moss’ 01: “Alarm” might be ever so slightly more pink-toned and “Elegant Red” a bit more shiny rather than velvety, but I would still consider both lipsticks to be perfect dupes.

Rimmel 170 “Alarm”

Alverde 25 “Elegant Red”

So as a bottom line, I can only and wholeheartedly encourage you to start your autumn/winter season of 2015 with Rimmel’s gorgeous, iconic Red called… well: 01 😉 Yes, it is just as gorgeous as it looks on Zoe and on all the other YouTubers; and yes, it is well worth the 5 £! Even though it might not be unique as a colour, it definitely is in terms of how it makes you feel (thanks, advertizing!): And after all, when would the way a product makes you feel be more important than when you are wearing a red lip? 🙂



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