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A Welcome Back Waffle Going Into Autumn

TheWherewithals are back from their summer break just in time for the best half of the year 🙂 But I promise you: There are more exciting things ahead than just sweater weather raves… Read on for a quick preview!


(Schlosspark Nymphenburg in München by dorena-wm is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0)

First of all, let’s just take a note of the fact that even the storybook-summer of 2015 has not changed my seasonal preferences in the slightest! Quite the opposite, really: Finishing my university work whilst literally being stuck to my books due to the most persistent and annoying layer of sweat on my skin must have been the most tedious thing I had to do in a while! Also, my annual holiday in Greece felt much less special after the four weeks of heat I’d suffered through in Munich before even setting foot on Greek ground. Nonetheless, it was an amazingly relaxing week and definitely the best week of summer; as always, I guess, which is why I keep going back 🙂 I absolutely want to share some impressions with you to counteract the mostly negative coverage Greece is getting these days, so look forward to some Mediterranean eye candy…

What made me most happy this summer, blogging-wise, is the fact that I have been tagged several times by a few amazing and lovely beauty bloggers 🙂 Obviously, I am going to answer their questions, which is why you might stumble across the one or other tag post in the weeks to come; starting this Saturday with the Beauty Blogger Award Tag in celebration of my one-hundredth post on TheWherewithals. Whoop whoop!Autumn

(München, Englischer Garten by Heribert Pohl  is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)

Since I decided to make my blog more of a personal rather than a strictly skin care related space, there is chance of the one or other post about interior design coming your way this autumn and winter. Considering that I am moving house in pretty much three months’ time exactly, and that there are going to be 100 square metres to furnish from scratch, I am currently spending 99 % of my free time browsing the net for furniture and wallpaper ideas. I’ve discovered a few great sites that I would really like to share with you one day.

Apart from my move in November however, I am also greatly looking forward to the colder months purely for make-up and clothing reasons! I’ve already done a lot of shopping to be prepared for my favourite seasons, and to hopefully pass on a bit of my excitement to you 🙂 So keep your eyes peeled for more cosy cashmeres, dark leathers and sultry reds as the temperatures drop.

See you around this autumn and winter!

xo, Anne

(Thumbnail: Greetings Card: Welcome Back by Sarah Joy is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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