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Review: Balea Cleansing Oil Fluid (Reinigungs-Öl-Fluid)

It’s an oil-based make-up remover, it’s travel-safe, and it is cheap as chips. Read on to find out whether what sounds like the perfect, travel-safe MAC Cleanse Off Oil dupe really is one!

As happy as I am with MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil (full review over here) for daily use, I was still – and desperately so – in quest of an alternative for travelling. Let me just tell you that an oil in a pump bottle, jammed upside down in an overfull make-up bag in combination with low atmospheric pressure in airplanes will end in a tragedy for your clothes, your other products and your suitcase… Imagine my excitement when I discovered Balea’s Cleansing Oil Fluid (2,45 €), a harsh-surfactant-free, oil-based make-up remover that has the consistency of a shower gel, comes in a simple tube and can easily be transferred into a travel-friendly container!Balea Oil Fluid

Obviously, the active ingredients in this inexpensive product are less luxurious than those of MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil, even if the INCI list is perfectly safe and Balea made very responsible choices. Instead of natural oils however, the formula mainly relies on capric triglyceride and dicaprylyl ether for the lipid phase. Since these lipids are naturally odourless and the product does not contain perfume, you are left with a completely scent-free product, and hence not much of an unwinding aromatherapeutic experience. Whilst on its own, this would not bother me in a travel product, Balea’s Cleansing Oil Fluid failed my test for what I consider to be rather poor cleansing properties compared to other oil-based make-up removers, and the stiky feeling it leaves on my skin even after thorough rinsing: You definitely need a wash cloth and maybe even a micellar water to get all the product off, let alone the make-up it was supposed to remove in the first place.

All in all a rather unpleasant cleansing experience in my opinion: Even if the perfume-free formula might be a plus for some of you out there, massaging my face with what felt like unscented goo fresh from the laboratory was just not for me. As an alternative for my next travels, I am thinking of The Body Shop’s Sumptuous Cleansing Butter (13 €), that should be doing fine in a chilly airplane. I will let you know how it goes 🙂


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