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July Favourites with Tips For Talls

Finding the right summer dress and shower gel has caused me some serious headache this year, but I can now report success 🙂 

July Favs

  • My Lancaster Handbag

Sadly, summer has had its ups and downs here in Munich, and wearing my bright summer handbags would have felt inappropriate on more than only one occasion 😦 On those rainy days, I went for my classic black Lancaster bag that my Mum got me for Christmas back in 2013. I had been saving it for special occasions so far, but in fact, this bag does quite well as an everyday bag: It is easy to keep clean, it holds a lot more than I thought it would, and the zipper protects my possessions from the occasional downpour.IMG_4518

Even though there might not have been too many occasions to show off our skin so far, it’s never a bad thing to be prepared, is it? 😉 This month, I have really enjoyed sprucing up my skin with Rituals’ Good Luck Scrub (19,50 €) that thoroughly exfoliates and nourishes  at the same time. If you are not too crazy about fruity or bakery scents, you need to give this zesty, slightly bitter and deeply relaxing scent a try!

There isn’t much to say about this shower gel except that it is the much sought-after summer shower gel for any girl or woman who doesn’t like tropical fruity scents! If my evening walks back to the hotel room after a day at the beach, at the pool or in some gorgeous Mediterranean town had a scent, this would be it 🙂 Check out my review for more information.

  • Paul Green Gladiator Sandals

I have been looking for sandals that a) don’t look too beachy and are appropriate for the city, b) don’t give me bad blisters and c) don’t cut off my leg or ankle at an unflattering angle for so long and finally just haphazardly ordered these Paul Green ones online in the sale for around 45 instead of 90 €. They are everything I wanted, and I particularly love the little heel that makes walking around a sometimes dirty city that much more pleasant. As I’ve mentioned already, Paul Green shoes are of an outstanding quality considering their still quite moderate prices: Definitely check out their website next time you are shopping for shoes.Paul Green

  • Esprit dresses

I am sorry that these monthly favourites are quite fashion-heavy, but the question what to wear has just been bothering me a lot these days with the weather being all over the place. But even on the rare occasions when the sun was out, I found it quite difficult to dress appropriately because I neither wanted to be too hot not to be showing off half of my body when at uni or at work. I am almost 175 cm and find it really difficult to shop for dresses in summer, since they are mostly too short for any other occasion but the beach. Since pairing a short dress with leggings at midsummer seems just ridiculous and totally unfunctional to me (again: I do not want to be too hot), I was so happy to discover that Esprit still seems to be doing dresses that cover your upper legs and not just your bum. I hope some of you tall girls out there might find this helpful 🙂


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