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Mission Volume #5: A Favourite and a Bottom Line

Afters weeks of searching my way through the jungle of volumizing shampoos, sprays and powders, I have come to a conclusion and sorted the wheat from the chaff…

As far as root volume is concerned, I believe in a combination of a good cleanse, overnight parting (as described in Mission Volume #2) and a few spritzes of a product that adds grip to the roots for a bit of jooshing-up-action. I then like to pin a few strands of the top layers of my hair back with just one or two hair clips (on each side) and fix them above my ears at the height of my hairline. A bit of hairspray and voilà, that’s as much as I can do.

For a bit of movement and texture in my lengths, I recently discovered Schwarzkopf’s Got2B Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (3,59 €), which I have grown quite fond of! My hair is naturally totally sleek and straight, but this product magically manages to add a slight wave out of nowhere. Just make sure that you only add 1-2 spritzes per side and you that spray the product from a generous distance, because it would soak your hair otherwise. The effect is very subtle, but the spray just adds that bit of movement (without any crunchiness!) that makes all the difference to flat hair. The only downside is that the effects don’t last for an entire day: If you decant a little bit into a smaller spray bottle however, you could easily freshen up your looks midway through the day.Schwarzkopf

To sum things up, my recommendation for all of you flat-hair-girls out there would be, first of all, to generally accept the natural texture of your hair, and not to have too high expectations. Spectacular volume always has a price on hair like ours: Either, you need to add heat or weirdly textured products like the Dove-Balea combo I describe in Mission Volume #4. There just is no way you could make fine hair look exactly like thick hair. Therefore, make sure not to ever strive after a complete recreation of the the looks of thick hair: You might overdo it and end up with nothing but a sticky, frizzy mess.

If used in sensible quantities however, products like Schwarzkopf’s Sea Salt Spray or all the other ones I mentioned in my little series can definitely add a realistic bit of dimension, movement and texture and thus subtly liven up that curtain hair 😀


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