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Mission Volume #4: An Oxygen-Infusion For Your Hair?

When on my chase after volumizing products, Dove’s promise to add 95% more volume to your hair with the help of just a few spritzes of their fancy-looking Oxygen Spray was hard to resist. I caved …

Being totally honest, I have to admit that I was drawn more to Dove’s Oxygen Moisture Care Volume Spay (6,99 €) by its clear packaging that augurs weightlessness and moisture, and by the concept of moisturizing and volumizing at the same time, than by any rational belief that this could actually work. The INCI list is extremely long, and I neither see spectacular ingredients nor anything that could explain how this spray would “infuse my hair with oxygen”. Oxyfusion technology? Well done, Dove marketing! Stupid me…

You are supposed to spritz the product directly onto your (dry or wet) roots and scalp and massage it in with your fingers. Contrary to the Balea Powder, the basic application process actually works because the formula doesn’t leave your hair sticky. However, the spray is unpleasantly wet if you use it on dry hair, which requires a little blow-drying in my opinion.Dove

Whether it is thanks to Oxyfusion or any other technology, the spray actually adds some body and texture to your hair, so that you can nicely add volume by jooshing up your hair with your fingers. If your hair can handle some jooshing-up, this might definitely be a candidate for you. However, my fine hair does not do well with that kind of treatment, because I have got a lot of baby hair that will go crazy at the slightest touch, leaving me with out-of-bed untamed looks rather than a voluminous mane. I can only go at it carefully, but since the effects of the spray alone are none and the results fully depend on the styling you then do with your hands, this product only helps me out a little bit in terms of adding volume…

Unless – and here comes the tease-free teasing I promised you the other day – you combine it with Balea’s Volume Powder! I haphazardly added a bit of this powder to my roots after having used Dove’s spray and – wawawoom – my hair was ready to do anything!! After only a bit of fluffing with the help of my fingers, it literally looked like I had teased it Fran-Fine-Style, and I was able to create insane amounts of root volume. But, and here comes the big but (no pun intended), as great and voluminous your hair might look, it feels absolutely disgusting after the combination of these two products: Wet and sticky to be precise, like someone put glue into your hair. For a night out and heavy styling, this might actually work really well and help with put-up hairstyles as well, but on an everyday basis, I could never ever in a million years bear this feeling .

So as a conclusion, I would recommend this (nicely scented) Dove spray a) if your hair tolerates being fluffed with your hands without looking messy and undone, or b) as one of two products for insane, but also insanely gross-feeling party time volume 🙂




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