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Mission Volume #3: Powder Power?

Ever since the sudden and unexpected revival of dry shampoo, we all know about the amazing volumizing powers of this magical white powder. Balea however have now taken this concept to a whole other level with their Trend It Up Volume Powder…

Contrary to dry shampoo, Balea’s Trend It Up Volume Powder comes in a little plastic tin that reminds me of American pill jars a lot. I fact this packaging is like a salt and pepper shaker, but for hair powder 😀 I have no clue how this is supposed to work on the INCI basis, but the instructions say to just shake a bit of the powder into the palms of your hands (it has an opening like salt and pepper shakers), to rub your palms together and then to massage the product into the roots of your hair.Trend it up

Amazed by the beautiful vanilla scent of the product, I went to town, shook a good amount of power into my palms and tried to rub them together, but … I couldn’t!! Whatever this powder might be, it makes you unable to rub your palms together, which, frankly speaking, weirds me out a little bit. I therefore tried to shake the powder directly onto my roots and massage it in, which worked fine per se, but unfortunately did not have any effects whatsoever: It did not leave white traces or residue in my hair, but no volume or body either. After a few hours, my hair also felt slightly greasy and sticky, so that I ended up having to wash the powder out.

Considering that compared to dry shampoo, this powder does absolutely nothing good for my hair, I would call it a total failure… I would, IF I had not discovered its mind-blowing effects in combination with another product. It’s like teasing, but without the teasing! Read more on Wednesday…


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