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Mission Volume #2: The Magic Overnight Drying Trick

Adding volume and body to your hair without spending hours fiddling around with curling wands or hot rollers can be quite the challenge! But I found one dead easy trick that does seriously support your volumizing efforts in literally just one minute. Literally! 

Ever since sleeping on wet braids in order to achieve what I thought to be curls back in my puberty, I know about the effects of letting your hair air-dry in a certain position. It wasn’t until recently however that I learned to focus on my roots rather than my lengths when trying to sleep-style my hair!

Whilst wet braids mostly lead to flat roots and frizzy ends instead of soft and bouncy curls, focussing on your roots directly, and on your part to be precise, will give you much more impressive and convincing results over night in terms of volume and body. All you need to do is to apply a styling mousse of your choice (I never notice any difference with these…) to your wet roots and halfway down your lengths, to top off your ends with a bit of moisturizing, nourishing oil, to carefully brush through your (well conditioned!) hair and (here comes the magic) to part your hair on the exact opposite side of your head than you would usually do: This part needs to be quite low for the trick to work. Then fix your hair in a low and loose pony tail above your ears and try not to look at yourself until you have taken the hair tie out again the next day 😀

Sweeping your hair to the other side and letting it dry this way over night will actually and mechanically lift your roots once you part your hair on your normal side again, because your hair will want to go up and over to the position it dried in, instead of straight down. A nice amount of styling mousse will further intensify this effect. And voilà, this would be my second tip for fuzz-free and heat-free volume! The effect can obviously be intensified with a nice selection of products, so stay tuned for more information in the next couple of days 🙂

(Thumbnail: Jovian Skies by Kris Williams is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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