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Mission Volume #1: The Shampoo

Over the past few weeks, I have been serious about adding some body and texture to my hair, putting a bunch of volumizing products to the test. Stick around for the next few days and weeks for my evaluation, starting today with the start of every hair care routine: shampoo 🙂 

My hair is naturally very, very straight and very, very fine. Whilst this might be a good look for the lengths (and I’ve got some length…), I don’t like the way my roots just lie f-l-a-t- to my scull and have z-e-r-o- volume naturally. What I aim for is the kind of natural, modern movement, body and texture seen on the more than gorgeous Ruth Crilly: She doesn’t curl her hair, but still manages to combine straight hair and volume. Frustrated by what I like to call my curtain of hair and in a streak of angry fixing (New Girl Season 2, Episode 13 :D), I recently emptied my drugstore of all of its volumizing hair products, and put them to the test for you 😀

Determined to adapt my routine from scratch, I decided to first look for a volumizing shampoo. The theory behind them is that your scalp’s natural oils weigh your roots and hair down: Keep in mind therefore that most volumizing shampoos will purposefully strip your hair of most of its natural oils and rely on rather harsh surfactants! Having enjoyed the scent and the value-for-money ratio of Balea products in the past, I went for their Pure Volume Shampoo (under 2 €) that seems to have all the ingredients a shampoo could possibly need in terms of adding volume. Sodium laureth sulphate will free your hair from sebum and product build-up and give it back its lightness whilst magnesium chloride and sea salt (as seen in Lush’s famous Big Shampoo), keratin (the structural protein our hair is made of) and other proteins (wheat, soy, corn) add body to your hair. The sea salt – that also helps to reduce the overly drying effects of SLS on your scalp – is supported by two humectants, glycerine and panthenol, that draw back moisture into your hair. The formula also contains collagen, but I don’t see how this could work: Feel free to explain in case you know 🙂Balea Volume

I only use this shampoo for my roots in order to save my lengths from the harsh surfactants, but even after shampooing only half of my hair (rinsing the product off and down my lengths will take care of the rest), I am really amazed by the cleansing properties: My hair stays clean and oil-free for four days, and I don’t even need to use dry shampoo anymore! As long as this effect lasts, I am going to continue to use this shampoo instead of a milder one, because it saves me two washes a week so far. As far as the volumizing goes, I do not notice any spectacular root lifting effects, but my hair does certainly look and feel more light and “fluffy”: Not bad for a first step, especially in combination with the cleansing effect and – kudos, again, Balea – the amazing salon scent: This Pure Volume Shampoo smells ten times more expensive than it actually is!

So under the premise that my hair will not respond to SLS in the long term by producing more sebum, and that the clean-for-four-days-effect continues, I highly recommend this shampoo from my personal experience and based on the INCIs list and its rather sensible formula: If you are willing to hazard the possible consequences of harsh surfactants in order to free your hair from “heavy” oils and build-up, this shampoo makes for a great start in your volumizing routine 🙂


One thought on “Mission Volume #1: The Shampoo

  1. Super impressed with your knowledge of ingredients and what they do for hair! I had given up on volumizing shampoos but now that you explained how you use yours I think I’ll try again.


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