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Sunset in Paradise Shower Gel

I never even hoped to find a summery equivalent to my beloved Lush Hot Toddy shower gel, which – to me – is wintery perfection in a bottle; but then I found my perfect summer shower gel where I never thought I would!

Whilst in winter and especially around Chri…. ( not going to say the C-word in July though), I am very easily pleased as far as shower gel scents are concerned, I always found my shower experience a lot less satisfying as soon as spicy and/or rich scents like Hot Toddy, Vanilla Brûlée or Pistachio Magnolia were not an option anymore: To say the least, I don’t really care about your ordinary fruity Mango or Papaya scent…

A few weeks ago however, a bright blue Balea “after sun” shower gel caught my eye purely because it was the only shower gel in a shelve full of sunscreens: To a sunscreen addict like me, its claim to thoroughly, but gently remove the build-up of SPF, sweat, seawater and other gunk after a long day outside and to have a cooling effect on top of that, fully convinced me to give (yet another) summery shower gel a sniff. I really did not have high hopes, but I fell in love instantly with this scent – which is saying something!IMG_4511

The scent is sweet, but in a non-bakery way, it is refreshing, clean and uplifting, but neither citrusy nor oceanic; it is warm and rich, but not wintery. It’s per-fect in my opinion, and you just HAVE to try it if you are anything like me and tropical scents in your shower leave you cold.

As far as the non-drying properties are concerned, I am not too convinced because the product still contains sodium laureth sulphate as its first surfactant: The glycerine on the other hand is washed off after only a few moments and should therefore not be able to draw a lot of moisture back into the skin. I do not notice any cooling effects whatsoever either, but how should this work in a hot shower anyhow? And if you wanted a cooling effect while taking a shower, you’d just use cold water, wouldn’t you…? So even if this after sun shower gel might not have any remarkable hydrating or cooling properties, the scent is definitely unique in our shower gel world of tropical monotony. Oh, and did I mention already that one bottle retails at less than one euro? Well, I guess that should seal the deal 😀


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