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June Favourites

The first half of 2015 is over, and a lot of new products have enriched my life since the beginning of January; or at least, they have made things a little bit easier. Here are my most recent discoveries 🙂
IMG_4371 (1)

  • P2’s Anti Split Coat and Quick Dry Spray

As far as making life easier is concerned, nothing has stood out more in June than my two P2 manicure helpers on which I have already done a full review. I am not going to repeat myself, but if you want to make your manicure last three times as long while employing only a third of the time, you should give these two goodies a try (especially since they are cheap as chips!).

Just like in May, Santé’s amazing organic lip colours have made my month of June in terms of make-up. Not only is the colour a perfect daytime rosewood pink to go with white blouses and t-shirts; it is also really affordable (9,45 €), non-toxic, very long-lasting and a perfect everyday companion since it doesn’t melt in your handbag even on the hottest of days.IMG_4373



Contour (left) and gloss (right) colour


  • My Japanese cat bowls

I don’t think these cute Japanese cat bowls need any further explanation: I had been eying them for a really long time and finally bought them for 15,50 € each (I’ve also got a pink one) in Bruce’s Tea Shop in Munich a few weeks ago: They should still sell them 🙂IMG_4369

  • Hermès’ Un Jardin sur le Toit

If you are looking for a scent that unites the sophistication of a Parisian silk carré with the fresh, yet slightly musky intensity of a French countryside summer meadow; or if you are just looking for a green daytime summer perfume, you should try this divine 2011 Hermès perfume. For a more in-depth description, check out my full review.IMG_4376

  • My Lituanian jaspis pendant

After having attended a challenging conference in Vilnius at the end of May, I treated myself to this gorgeous and absolutely unique pendant made of silver and a jaspis stone from the Ural: Doesn’t it look like it has been painted? Yet it is a stone that has naturally grown like this over thousands and thousands of years. I bought this gem on the very last day of the conference on a little market that I crossed on my way back to the hotel just before heading out of town. It has not been quitting my neck ever since!Jaspis


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