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My Favourite Luxury Lipbalm Alternatives #SpendingDifferently

By Terry’s Baume de Rose (46 €) is the epitome of luxury in terms of lip care. If you don’t see how 10 g of rose-scented lip balm should be worth the equivalent of 750 ml of finest Champagne, I’ve come up with a few alternatives – from functional to indulgent – that do their respective jobs just as well as our rose-scented objects of desire.

Your heavy-duty classic that works especially well on lips dried out by an Accutane treatment. In fact, this was the only product that helped me through the worst Accutane phase. Carmex’s only downside is the greasy shine that it leaves on and around your lips: Apply carefully and powder over top if necessary. I find the more travel- and on-the-go-friendly stick version to be less effective than the formula in the pot. Carmex is available all around the world and very affordable (between 2 and 3 €).

This colourful alternative to Carmex looks a lot nicer and feels just as pleasantly tingly and refreshing if you go for the Sweet Mint option. EOS balms are very affordable (5,99 €), made out of all-natural ingredients, and last but not least, their fun design entices you into using them frequently.Eos

The perfect allrounder full of good and natural ingredients that works brilliantly as a lipstick base since it leaves no shine whatsoever. It stays on for hours and hours even in the coldest of weathers, but it never looks greasy on your lips. The simple stick container makes it your perfect everyday companion. All in all, it is still my favourite out of the bunch (around 7 €)!Everon

Good news for all of you who have been envying the posh containers of By Terry’s Baume de Rose or Dior’s Crème de Rose: You don’t need to spend 46 or 35 € to enjoy the luxurious clacking noise of glass on metal, since the Smile Lip Balm by Couvent des Minimes comes in a gorgeous, Bobby Brown-like glass container with a metal jar that shall satisfy the eyes and ears even of the most spoiled ones amongst us. The product itself is honey-scented and of a lovely quality, even though the formula is not the most effective one. For 13 € however, it still makes for a nice treat and for the perfect bedside balm.Moines

Let me know if you know of any other nicely packaged, affordable lip balms 🙂

(Thumbnail: Le Salon Haute Couture de Dior by Burrs&Berries is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 )


3 thoughts on “My Favourite Luxury Lipbalm Alternatives #SpendingDifferently

  1. Carmex is almost HG status for me! It just seems so “expensive” when I can get it for $1 in the states haha
    And once I tried EOS, I never went back (except to try Balea chapsticks)
    Great choices!


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