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Love/Hate Tag

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Alex from Simply 20s Life to do the Love/Hate tag, so here I go. Thanks for tagging me and for giving me an excuse to share some more of my random, non-beauty loves 🙂 


  • Who’d have thought: The BF and my close friends, of course
  • Having a good laugh, watching videos or performances of comedians that crack me up, and surrounding myself with people who share the same cheesy sense of humour  ❤
  • Travelling, and staying in nice hotels – I’ve dedicated a whole post to my love for hotels :). Even after 24 years, driving out of town and to the airport hasn’t lost any of its magicTravel
  • A good TV show like Dexter, Six Feet Under, Homeland, Damages,…
  • Christmas at home, back in Luxembourg. Because my mother just puts so much effort into cooking up delicious treats, decorating the house and creating the most heart-felt festive atmosphere ❤ The bottle cap might seem like an odd emblem of Christmas, but to me, it stands for all the special little routines (it’s a particular kind of Christmas beer my parents buy every year), the festive table and my family sitting around it, having the best of times.Xmas
  • Tidiness and cleanliness. I don’t love it, I NEED it 😀
  • Greece. Because I’ve been travelling there regularly ever since being a little girl, and because on years I cannot go, I miss Greek summers like home.Greece
  • Classical music. The whole shebang. Just no operas, please
  • The prospect of living in a gorgeous new flat with the BF in just a few months’ time. And, but this is pure rêverie, the idea of a life in the beautiful English countryside. Not for now, not for the foreseeable future,… but living in a traditional country house with a little family of my own, a few animals, surrounded by a huge private garden and by endless nature; my friends, my family and London city being within easy driving distance… I know this will never happen for many reasons (including the fact that I don’t even manage to keep a cactus alive, let alone take care of a big garden), but dreaming doesn’t hurt, right? Especially since I am perfectly happy in Munich, I live here by choice, and I love it 🙂

CountryPorth Farm by Tim Green is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  • Enjoying Italian, Japanese or vegan cuisine with the BF and chatting the night away in one of Munich’s amazing restaurants, and a Campari Orange or a Gin & Tonic to top things off…Campari

…Due Negroni by franzconde is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Don’t Love (hate is a pretty strong word…)

  • Smelly people. Unless you are homeless or taking a certain kind of medication, there IS NO excuse for excessive amounts of body odour.
  • Smelly clothes. I.e. clothes that have not been washed or that reek of mildew. For god’s sake, is it really that hard to properly dry your clothes before putting them away? I really wonder how people can fail to notice that their shirt stinks of mildew when they pull it over their heads, if I can smell it sitting two rows behind them in a lecture hall?
  • (Sometimes) not having a car of my own (I don’t need one for most of the time) and travelling in hot, crowded trains or busses. I know I’ve said above that I love travelling. Well, I guess, I love the ideal form of travelling 😀
  • Door handles, dirty hands, feeling dirty in general, public toilets, their scent and… basically everything smelly, dirty, germy, disgusting… I think you get my obsession with cleanliness by now. I. can’t. stand. dirt. Some people get hangry, I get… well, the same, but with feeling dirty instead of feeling hungry 😀
  • Bitchiness, insidiousness and passive-aggressiveness
  • People who constantly break their promises
  • Snails
  • Snakes
  • Cloves
  • And last, but not least, a love-hate one: thunderstorms. I love them in theory, but in real-life, I am really terrified of them 😀

3 thoughts on “Love/Hate Tag

  1. No operas!? I will admit that an entire opera performance can be tiring, but the occasional song while cooking or cleaning is beautiful!

    I totally agree with you on the thunderstorm one. My BF loves to sit on the porch and watch them and I would rather listen to a loud movie to drown it out.

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