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Game-Changing Products for a Dramatically Quicker and Longer Lasting Mani

Is there anything more tedious in a beauty routine than your bi- or even triweekly half an hour spent on a manicure? Thankfully, two ingenious products will reduce this time to a mere third whilst tripling the wear time of your colour!  

Ever since discovering P2’s amazing All Light UV Base and Top Coats, I’ve been a firm believer in this inexpensive manicure line. Over the past few weeks however, even my tried and tested All Light range has not been able to prevent my polish from chipping at the slightest impact, because my nails were peeling uncontrollably underneath my polish. The first product that came to mind as a possible remedy was Mavala’s Scientifique Nail Hardener, but I knew I was too much of an impatient person to follow through with this treatment: Also, 17,34 € seemed like a stiff price.

On the spur of the moment – and frustrated by the sorry sight of my brittle nails – I headed for my local drugstore once again. Little did I know that a life-changing product was sitting right next to my beloved All Light range! Without any precise product range in mind, I haphazardly picked up P2’s Anti Split Oxygen Carrier Coat and a bottle of P2’s Quick Dry Spray: Because honestly, who could ever leave a drugstore with only one product? 😀 In hindsight however, I think I have never regretted an impulse purchase less than this one!P2

I neither know how these two products work nor whether they work on everybody, but they do wonders to my nails. I now replace my All Light Base Coat with the (super quick-drying!) Anti Split Coat and follow it up with one or two coats of any colour and a final coat of All Light UV Top Coat, which I then generously spritz with my Quick Dry Spray. Make sure to have a towel at hand to protect your surfaces, because the mist cannot be targeted at your nails only. All in all, this process takes me twenty minutes only, because A) the Anti Split Coat dries a lot quicker that the All Light Base Coat, and B) the Quick Dry Spray will fully harden the four coats of polish in no time at all, whereas before, the top coat alone would take 20 minutes to dry.

But the time savings don’t stop there: Thanks to an ingenious formula (that I don’t understand), the Anti Split Coat puts an end to the effects of moisture and water that are responsible for the peeling of your nails. Whilst the top coat prevents your nail polish from being chipped or washed off, the base coat averts the detaching of single nail layers (and therefore of colour) and thus protects and glues together your manicure from below. An absolutely incredible combination that keeps my manicure looking flawless for at least five days! And whereas before, my nails would be dry, brittle and peeling all over after two days only, they now still look healthy and strong when I take my polish off after a full week: A quick buff with a four-sided nail file, another coat of Anti Split Polish, and my hands a ready for a new colour.

Since these two P2 products are not only very affordable (each one costs less than 3 €), but also save me a lot of time both when doing my manicure and in between manicures, I cannot recommend them enough! Another big step on my spending differently journey that I am very pleased about 🙂


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