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May Favourites

A few new discoveries and one very old favourite have made my month of March … May … May already? Oh well then… Check out which goodie you should hunt down before it is gone forever 😉


  • Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia

If you’ve had enough of spring already and can’t wait for those intense peak-of-summer days and nights, here’s the scent to accompany your longing: Jo Malone’s English Pear and Fresia. I might even do a full review on this perfume because it is just too beautiful to be described in one sentence; but in a nutshell, it smells of sophistication and pear brandy. If you think these two don’t go together, give it a sniff, or wait for my review, where I’ll try to convince you further 😉 MayFavourites6

  • EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint

EOS lip balms in general are great for several reasons in my opinion: First of all, they are just so fun to use that I reach for them a lot more often than I would for an ordinary chapstick, which again improves the overall state of my lips. Secondly, most of them taste great despite them being all-natural and crap-free. This sweet mint one in particular doesn’t only taste of delicious sweet mint and thus refreshes your breath; it also has a strong, but pleasant cooling effect (thanks to the peppermint oil) that will save your day when you are on the go and feeling like a hot mess 🙂

  • Audiobooks

I know that I am probably the very last person on this planet to try out audiobooks after them having been advertised by every single beauty guru on Youtube, but even at the risk of sounding like a copycat, I just HAVE to tell you that in the very unlikely case you have not discovered audiobooks for yourselves yet, you have to give them a try! I promise you that you will get so much more reading done, because you can listen to your book at any time; whilst doing chores, whilst in a crowded train, whilst at the gym, whilst walking somewhere etc. Also, if you are a student like me and you associate proper reading with work, you will probably enjoy being able to “consume” a book whilst actually not having to read for yet another hour after having done so for an entire day already.

  • My Asos Laptop Case

I have done an entire post on this Asos case already, but I just had to mention it again since it has literally made my month, and since I am convinced that a lot of you will appreciate the tip: As you might know from experience, finding a nice, yet inexpensive laptop is quite the challenge. This converted Asos holographic clutch however could not make me more happy price-, looks- and functionaliy-wise (25,99 €).

  • IMG_4127Santé Lipstick in No. 12

Last, but not least, a very old favourite of mine that re-discovered this month, and that is now, as I had to find out, discontinued 😦 😦 😦 I decided to mention it anyways because Santé do great, all-natural lipsticks that are definitely worth checking out, especially considering their price. I think the colours 11 and 13 together could come close to the discontinued No. 12, which is a gorgeous, peachy-nude rosewood colour that makes for the perfect, nude, my-lips-but-better colour. Estée Laude do great similar shades, but they are a lot more expensive (Santé lipsticks retail at a little over 10 €) and contain more chemicals. I will let you know if I find a dupe (or you let me know if you can think of one); but for now, let’s just admire the perfection of No. 12 (and of my staying-anonymous-skills, hihi) 🙂MayFavourites3MayFavourites3MayFavourites1


I have only just noticed the weird things the mirror did to my hands 😀


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