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The One Minute Eye (#SpendingHabits)

Ever since my calculator came into play, my relationship with my eyeshadow palette collection hast lost all its lightheartedness. Not only has the naughty instrument made clear once more that I own WAY too many palettes (which I knew): It has also unfolded a number that I’d preferred not to know …

I am not going to write down the total I’ve spent on palettes, but as you might be able to derive from your own collection, it is a large three-digit number. Rethinking my decision to spend that amount of money on bloody eyeshadows makes me sad. I could have travelled with this money, I could have made somebody a lovely gift, or I could have invested in great skin-care, that would have been advantageous for my skin in the long term instead of making me look nice for a mere few hours. I do not want to be a spoilsport, but if you are willing to go on this journey of changing our spending habits together, you might find it helpful and revealing to do the maths for your own collection.Money

Throwing Money Away by Images Money is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What bothers me just as much as the money I laid out is the time I’ve invested on elaborate eye make-ups: Once again, I think this time would have been invested much more cleverly in an additional skin care step or a facial massage. Yes, you might get an occasional compliment on your colour coordination or your crease-work from a fellow beauty victim, but nobody will find you substantially more beautiful with a 20-minute-look than with a five-minute-one. Spending time on skin care however will make a difference in the long term. Also, after years and years of daily blending marathons, you might not even enjoy putting on and wearing elaborate eye looks yourselves. Props to Estée Lalonde for showing us how to pull of a more minimalistic eye!Time

Hourglass Shadow by Bill Brooks is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Before you all take to the streets: The above is not to be taken too strictly, and it does not apply to women who have the time or/and the money to treat themselves to both skin care and an elaborate smoky eye on a daily basis. It is just food for thought addressed to those amongst us that – for financial or time reasons – have to decide whether they invest in a second and third and fourth shadow on their eye, or in an additional skin care step. Also, I obviously do still enjoy my luxury palettes that have cost me 50 € or more; of course, I will continue to use them, and to spend time playing around. If I was to start all over again and to build up a whole new collection, I would even go so far as to say that I’d probably go for the expensive palettes again, not only because the quality is better, but also (and mostly) because a luxury product makes me feel like a different woman: Money well invested, if you ask me!

What I would do differently however is to buy only two or three palettes, which would leave me with around 30 shadows (more than enough). Also, I would go for shades that look great on their own, that don’t need a lot of blending, and that give depth to the eye without elaborate liner- or crease-work. This does not mean that I would never ever take my time for a lavish eye or a cat liner; but I would – and I will – cut down my eye make-up efforts on a daily basis and use the amount of time I spent on applying my second, thrid and fourth shadow on skin care: Because I just don’t have the time for both, and I want to consciously prioritize the long-term effects over hardly noticeable short-time ones.

Ever since experimenting with this new approach, I have been looking for products that create an illusion of depth and effects of light and darkness on their own. Within my collection, single cream eyeshadows got this job done best: They all happen to be from the drugstore, but if you are looking for a 1-minute-product that makes you feel like a goddess, you could obviously go for something like the By Terry Ombre Blackstars (Misty Rock is a beautiful shade) or Chanel’s famous Illusion d’Ombre in Émerveillé. As far as the quality is concerned however, my drugstore ones have all got impeccable staying powers, and they achieve maximal effects with minimal input :). Here are my favourites of the moment: 3ES6

In the pan, they’ve all got a very similar vibe, but as you might be able to tell from the picture, the intensity and undertones are quite different once they are applied.


  • Bourjois’ rosy-champagne shade Pétale de Glace (around 11 €) is rather subtle, but the illusion of depth it manages to create is just stunning: Check out the picture on Bourjois’ homepage to get an idea. 3ES3
  • P2’s Just as you are would have to be my favourite of the moment (despite the tacky name), because this rosy-peach shade is so fresh and perfect for spring. Also, the glass jar with the metal lid definitely makes for the nicest packaging (love the sound of metal lids on glass :D) and reminds me a lot of Chanel’s Illusions d’Ombre. Surprisingly, it is the least expensive product out of the three (around 2,95 €). 3ES2
  • Maybelline’s On and on Bronze Color Tattoo has been on everyone’s lips (or lids …) in 2013/14, the winter I bought mine: Despite it being almost two years old now, it is still doing really well (just like all the other ones): no signs of drying out whatsoever! Out of the bunch, it is not only the most cool-toned one, but also definitely the most intensely pigmented, making it very suitable for a more intense smoky eye (but without the fuss) 🙂 3ES4

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have to prioritize as well? If so, what are your priorities?


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