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(Once In A) Blue Moon Laptop Case

What do nightstands, chairs and laptop cases have in common? Well, 99.9 % of the time, they are either insanely expensive or insanely ugly! Whist I am still trying to solve the chair- and nightstand-dilemma (I’m moving house fairly soon, whoop whoop :)), I can at least tick the “nice laptop case that doesn’t break the bank” off my list! Hope this helps some of you ūüôā

When entering¬†the Apple Flagship Store last Saturday along with what felt like the entire city of Munich, I was not suspecting that finding a laptop case would be the most time-consuming aspect of¬†me purchasing a new Macbook. Apple’s by-the-book, most obliging and stereotypically breezy Californian customer service however managed to serve me (as well as the 1.5 million other customers) in no time at all and had me wander off, in a surprisingly good mood and with a brand new Macbook,¬†a mere 15 minutes later! After this too good to be true first part of my laptop shopping experience, I should have known that the¬†worst was yet to come.¬†


Yes, placing a full cup of tea close to a brand new laptop on a very wonky cardboard surface for mere aesthetic purposes DID feel like pushing my luck. Please take a moment to admire the composition ūüėÄ

As I¬†had to find out the hard way,¬†the design of inexpensive laptop cases has not¬†changed ‚Äst¬†let alone improved ‚Äď since the invention of laptops! They are either giant, black and nylon; slim,¬†garish and neoprene; or blatantly sustainable and cotton/felt. Considering I had just spent a considerable amount of money¬†on a Macbook, and half of this money¬†on it’s design alone, I was neither willing to ban my magnum opus of Californian¬†brand aesthetics in a fugly case, nor to spend another fortune on a designer case¬†or it’s shipping to Europe. After literally hours of fruitless browsing, I finally took the decisive measure to change¬†my search keyword from “laptop case” to “clutch”:¬†THE key to success for anyone looking for a decent and decently priced laptop case!

I suddenly found myself confronted with more than zero, even with more than one option in line for purchase! I actually had the choice! After only a few¬†minutes however, I fell in love¬†with this holographic, faux-leather¬†ASOS Zip Top Clutch Bag, that holds my 11″ Macbook Air like it had been made for it (even when the¬†laptop is in it’s hardshell protective cover). When the clutch arrived this morning, I triumphantly found the blue, violet, pink and green holographic effects to be¬†even more stunning than on ASOS’ pictures: Also, the rose-gold cube zip adds a nice futuristic edge, topping off the bags’ sleek coolness. Not quite your ordinary laptop case, I reckon?¬†Which might be due to the fact that it actually is not a laptop¬†case at all … ūüôā But since the clutch is made of a very sturdy material, it adds a nice second layer of padding and protection and¬†‚Äď besides satisfying your inner unicorn-and-rainbow-lover¬†‚Äď actually makes¬†for a perfectly travel-safe case!

Case 13 hours of research and 25,99¬†‚ā¨ well invested, if you ask me ūüėÄ Now help me with the chairs and nightstands, please!


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