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Spending Habits

Every day of our life confronts us with hundreds, if not thousands of options to spend both our money and time on. As both resources are limited, deciding wisely is all the more important: If you agree, feel free to join me on this journey of rethinking my spending habits 🙂Choices

(The Choices by Orin Zebest is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Contrary to what you might assume from the title of this post, my primary goals are not to drastically cut my expenses or to save a lot of time. Quite the opposite, really: I like to treat myself to a new pair of shoes or a nice night cream within the limits of my financial resources; I like to spend time on my outer appearances, starting the day with a youtube video and half an hour dedicated to nothing but my beauty routine, and ending it with a pamper evening. I consider these habits and expenses to be investments of time and money into myself and my personal happiness and well-being, which is why I would not want to miss them or even only to cut down on them.

What I am more concerned about is the realisation that I don’t always spend my money nor my time quite as wisely as I’d like to: These past weeks and months, I had to notice on several occasions that I had made wrong decisions and wasted resources on items or activities that weren’t worth the effort or the splurge; and that these mistakes could have been avoided, because they all followed similar patterns.

In the following weeks, I want to address a few of these spending patterns that led to what I consider a waste of time and/or money, be it clothing or beauty wise. Please accompany me on my journey to getting my time’s and money’s worth out of my investments, starting these next days with a post dedicated to the relative usefulness and uselessness of (certain) make-up (items) 🙂

(Thumbnail: Estée Lauder by JFXie is licensed under CC BY 2.0)


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