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Three Spring Must-Haves For Your Wardrobe

Unless you are lucky enough to live in California, you might be familiar with the challenge of dressing appropriately in spring… In this post, I share my recent spring clothing haul for some inspiration 🙂 Whilst the first rays of sunshine make you want to banish every even only remotely wintery item of clothing from your closet and live in nothing but sandals and a floaty dresses for the next six months, a quick glance at the thermometer might tell you that ankle boots, scarves and long-sleeved tops are still more appropriate than you’d like them to be. At the risk of sounding like your granny, but resist the temptation of ringing in the warmer months before they are actually there: Or else a pesky cold might bring you back into your woolen jumpers before you know it. Speaking from experience here…

Anyhow, stressed out by this clash of what looks and what feels appropriate clothing wise, I’ve been strolling through the shops these past weeks, looking for wardrobe staples that are warm enough for the chilly winds of April, but still look like spring, match the daffodils and satisfy my desire for a rather drastic change of style.

The first item I came across was this lightweight, milky mint Anamira Scarf with dark blue and metallic silver detail by Opus (25,95 €) that protects my neck and chest from those unpleasant chilly breezes without making me look like I am preparing for the first snow. A lightweight summer scarf like this one is my number one spring wardrobe staple, because it allows me to go lighter with my tops without compromising on the warmth and feelgood factor.

OpusTo me, spring fashion is all about accessories anyhow: Swap your dark tights for a light pair of nylons, and many of your winter dresses or skirts will have a much more summery feel to them immediately. Whilst it might still be too cold (and wet) for proper sandals, a pair of open ankle boots like these ones by Paul Green can replace your wintery suede ankle boots and add another touch of spring to your outfit: Retailing at 135 €, they are a bit of a splurge, but you will get your wear out of them, since Paul Green shoes are of an outstanding quality, crafted to fit perfectly and to accompany you for years and years.

Paul GreenFinally, I fell in love with this flowery and floaty Zara blouse (39,95 €) that is not only extremely versatile, but also combines the freshness, pattern and texture of a summer dress with the comfort and cover of a cotton shirt. Spring looks and warmth are no longer contradicting with lightweight tops like this one, especially since they pair so nicely with a trench or even a leather jacket depending on the pattern 🙂Zara


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