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BeautyLand’s Biggest Mystery

Imagine one day at lunch break, everybody in your office would casually whip out pincers to eat their food. If you can picture the irritation this would cause, you might understand how I feel when watching beauty videos on Youtube these days…

I am not sure whether I am the only one to ask this question, but since the phenomenon bothers me immensely, let me just put it out there, let me shout it out: Why, why on God’s good earth, dear Beauty Youtubers, have you silently, collectively and completely randomly ALL agreed to drink out of mason jars? If you are not a regular on Youtube’s beauty channels, you might not even know what I am talking about: If however you happen to have watched only one single cooking video of our favourite BeautyGurus on Youtube, you will have been confronted with what I find the most irritating sight of a girl just casually sipping her smoothie, her water or even her tea out of a mason jar!

Call me small-minded, call me ignorant, but to me, mason jars have always been used in home canning to preserve food: That’s what Wikipedia says, and what Salman Rushdie says in Midnight’s Children. See these pickled cucumbers, “being saved from the corruption of the clocks” (Rushdie) within their mason jars? That’s mason jars in their natural habitat, if you ask me.Pickles

Pickles 008-300 by Paul-W  are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Drinking from mason jars on the other hand? Who even started this in the first place, and what were his intentions? And most importantly: Why did every. single. person. on the internet start to copy him or her, turning mason jars into the secret symbol of recognition of beauty bloggers?? What makes mason jars preferable to ordinary glasses, that served us so well for decades? Is it the fun of spilling green juice all over yourself attempting to drink out of a screw-topped receptacle? Could we add to the fun by drinking out of cast-iron pots, whose weight would also help to tone our guns?

All jokes aside, mason jars are ubiquitous, I kid you not. In fact, I have never ever seen a single beauty product – however much hype it generated – replace all its competitors as radically as mason jars have replaced the plethora of glasses that existed back in the days, when Instagram was not telling us what our food and drinks (and ourselves) should look like. Remember Emma Hardie’s immensely popular Moringa Cleansing Balm? I do actually know Youtubers who don’t use it! Urban Decay, as another example, definitely made us want a Naked palette; but other palettes have been seen around! Mason jars on the other hand, despite their dysfunctionality and complete randomness, have just put glasses out of the market, full stop, if we believe Instagram.

Still a random thing to make a fuss about, you might object. I’d tend to agree if I still had hopes of there being rational explanation for this phenomenon that could help my blinkered mind understand. However, I don’t believe in the existence of any explanation for the overnight standardization of our drinking habits other than the awe-inspiring power of Instragram. Which, I think, is not such a random thing to fuss about after all, and which, to me, raises questions about something formerly known as free spirit and individuality. If a smartphone app has synched the brains of literally millions of girls and women and convinced them that there is only one aesthetically acceptable form of consuming a drink, if Instagram has successfully and unnotedly standardized our thoughts about what a drink must look like, I don’t even want to know what it does to our conceptions of everything else we see on there. Which is everything else…

(Thumbnail: ICE-T by <> is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


One thought on “BeautyLand’s Biggest Mystery

  1. I have noticed this too! I’ll be honest and say I even drank out of one for a while, but it really wasn’t practical for me. I never used it because my regular water bottle held more water! I just donated it to Goodwill.


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