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Quo Vadis, TheWherewithals?

Six months have passed since I first posted on TheWherewithals, and as I had been hoping, this time has been a learning curve. Time to translate my lessons into practice!If you have been with me for the whole six months, you might know that TheWherewithals started out as a skin care blog with a special focus on active ingredients: a topic that I have been, and will always be, particularly interested in; a topic that, I believe, is in everybody’s interest. What I underestimated however was the amount of time, money and self-sacrifice that goes into in-depth skin care reviews: As a person who has always suffered from sensitive skin, I simply found myself unwilling to try a different moisturizer every night; as a student, I am also both in lack of money to afford the plethora of products seen on bigger blogs, and in lack of time to do my research about all of them. Also, the numbers are telling me that you seem to enjoy my other posts just as much as my in-depth skin care reviews, which has made me question my thematic restriction even more.Compass

 (Compass by Walt Stoneburner is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

On the other hand, I have felt increasingly inclined to a more essayistic writing style and to a broader spectrum of topics, from interior design and fashion to food and random observations: My next post will give you a little idea of what to expect in the months to come 🙂 Thus, after having stuck to this self-imposed restraint and banned a lot of content to Sunday Fundays, I have now decided it’s about time to free myself and give TheWherewithals a little relaunch.

Now, a “relaunch” might sound more far reaching than the changes I am planning actually are: In the first place, TheWherewithals are still going to be a beauty blog. You might want to prepare yourselves for a few subtle changes, however, the first one being me not explaining myself for writing about whatever matters to me. TheWherewithals are turning into a more personal space, governed by spontaneity and my own interests, not by (wrongly) presumed expectations. Therefore, I have decided to nominally dismiss the Sunday Funday category and write about whatever I want whenever I want. Sunday Fundays always felt like a guilty pleasure, a safety valve for repressed wishes, they felt like negligence; which, as I have come to realize, is a pretty stupid thing to do on a blog that is my own, where I am my own judge 🙂 In the course of rethinking my priorities, I have also made a few changes to my categories, in order to make browsing easier for you.

Also, since I am in the final stages of my Master’s degree, I will have less and less time to blog, but still want to stick to a schedule: Therefore, from now until January 2016, I will cut down my posts to two a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. This post is going up on a Tuesday since I did not want to skip a day without giving you a heads up, but your next post will be coming on Sunday. On the other hand, I want to spend more time interacting with you, my readers, since I have been getting more likes and comments over the past few weeks; finally, I’d like to learn more about taking good pictures! So whilst a few aspects of my journey are being put into practice here and now, the learning curve continues on other levels. Stay with me, and don’t forget to let me know what you’d like to see on here 🙂



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