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Drugstore Do’s and Don’ts #3: Spring Lipsticks

A good lipstick is like a dress: It fits like a second skin, it complements your features and hides your flaws. Unlike a dress however, you can buy it at the drugstore 🙂Back in March, when I fell (back) in love with my “Pretty Little Things” nail polish, I was desperate to find a matching lipstick that wouldn’t break the bank. After a round of swatching at the drugstore, I opted for Rival de Loop’s Nr. 47 (bottom swatch), a quite unique, cool-toned pinky lilac that seemed to have an opaque and matte finish. I had never bought a Rival de Loop lipstick before, but I was sure to have heard good things about their value-for-money ratio and their packaging: Indeed, RdL have ingeniously managed to fit a tiny pull-out pan of matching lipgloss at the bottom of their packaging.Drugstore4

My excitement quickly turned into frustration when at home, I tried to achieve the same beautiful finish on my lips that I had created on the back of my hands: In vain, girls, in vain! Not only was the colour itself hardly perceptible; the bit of product that actually went on crept into every fine line, stuck to every bit of dry skin and basically made my lips look like I was recovering from a three-week cold. And as if the visible performance wasn’t bad enough already, the product also had that typical dusty taste and scent you’d expect for a mere 2 or 3 €. What was I thinking? No more RdL, no more!Drugstore3

Astor on the other hand seem to have managed the exact opposite: Whereas I expected their Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butters to a have a rather sheer finish that just adds a hint of colour to your lips, the formula goes on completely opaque and matches up to every normal lipstick (top swatch). Drugstore1Unlike the RdL catastrophe, it also manages to make your lips look more plumped and moisturized than they actually are, enabling you to pull of a colourful lip even on dry skin day. And to top it all off, the Astor Lip Butters actually work as a gentle moisturizer: “Unguilty Pleasure” has accompanied me on a five hour coach journey, and not only did the colour stay in place for the whole length of the trip (including snacks and a nap), the amazing formula also kept my lips hydrated despite the heavy air conditioning (that tried its best to suck every drop of moisture out of me). With a range of at least 12 well-picked shades from nude to vibrant pink (not including LEs), every woman and girl should find a colour that makes them happy. Or two. Or more… Speaking of more… Might wander off to the drugstore now: I have an inkling “Delicate Lilac” might be a perfect match for “Pretty Little Things” 🙂



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