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Perfect (Not Quite) White Nails – NailsInc. Dupe

Ever since NailsInc.’s beautiful not-quite-white whites seem to be on every Youtuber’s nails, I have kept my eyes open for a dupe, and I found a perfect one where I never thought I would 🙂 Now let’s be honest here, there is absolutely no need to replace your NailsInc. Bamboo White or any of the polishes from their The New White range if you are lucky enough to call any of these your own. The packaging, the application, the finish, the lasting power,… NailsInc. polishes are spot-on! If however you find it hard to get your hands on NailsInc. products or if you just don’t want to spend the money (around or over 17 € plus shipping), this dupe might be interesting for you. Because who could NOT want perfect white nails after Essiebutton on Youtube pulled them off? Catrice1

In case you read my latest Drugstore Do’s and Don’ts, you might know about the bad vibes between Catrice and me because of their – let’s call it questionable – choice of brush shape. When I casually strolled through my drugstore on Easter Sunday however, a nail polish from their Doll’s Collection LE caught my eye, not because of the packaging (which I find, again, rather questionable), but because the colour seemed like just the perfect not-quite-white, cream shade with a hint of something that I had been looking for ever since Estée’s videos. Since I had sworn to myself not to buy a Catrice varnish ever again unless they changed their brushes back to normal, I obviously checked and was super pleased to find a perfectly round brush. Catrice2In the bottle, Catrice’s Be My Porcelain Doll! (2,79 €) has got a subtle, pink mother-of-pearl reflection in certain lights, but on your nails, this shimmer effect is barely noticeable as a such: All you can see is the most flattering and fresh touch of white on your nails.



No filter!

Applying the colour in two coats left me with a perfectly opaque and almost streak-free finish; in case of doubt, a glossy, gel-shine topcoat should take care of the rest. If I had to buy a nail colour as a gift, I think I would go for this kind of shade: Not-quite-white whites are a classic like red nails, but much less of a statement and therefore appropriate for every age or context; they are easy to apply (if the formula is good), they look polished and perfectly elegant, but they also complement sporty outfits; finally, they suit every skin tone and texture. The perfect all-rounder in my eyes, and most of all, just what I was looking for 🙂

In case this post whet your appetite for white nails, be quick though: Catrice’s LEs usually sell out fairly quickly!



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