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Mulberry for Everyone

All of you following Tanya Burr on social media must by now be obsessed with her insanely gorgeous Mulberry rucksack that transforms into a handbag without losing any of its style and class. But the price tag, girls, the price tag!! Happily enough, Zara seems to have heard my prayers for a dupe 🙂Zara_1

Voilà! Isn’t she perfect? Zara’s sky blue Lady Like Backpack is made of textured, ever so slightly rippled faux leather that feels very rigid and durable. The gold-toned closure matches the zip on the lower pocket and is hard to open until you figure out the mechanism (you have to push/slide the two buttons together): What might seem like an inconvenience at first is actually pretty clever, because this closure makes it harder for pickpockets to get to your belongings. The inside pocket in the lining provides extra security and is perfect for your phone, money and keys.

Obviously, Zara’s Lady Like Backpack is not an exact dupe of the Mulberry rucksack, but the measurements come pretty close (34 X 28 X 14 cm vs. 24 X 30 X 13cm): Like the original, Zara’s interpretation of a rucksack-handbag-combo looks elegant and perfectly structured in both its shapes. As a handbag, the Lady Like can be worn with one shoulder strap or with the handle only: You transform the rucksack simply by taking off one or both of the (adjustable, elaborately structured and crafted) straps.IMG_3755If you prefer a less hexagonal form for your handbag, loosen the inside clip fastening for a perfectly classic, rectangular shape. It was this precise fact that at this point, no one can tell I’m wearing a rucksack as a handbag, that eventually sold me; as much as I like a classy (Mulberry) rucksack on other women, I was not sure whether I could pull this look off myself…IMG_3756IMG_3757

Last, but not least, this bag is exceptionally affordable even for Zara, considering it retails at around 45 € only! Compare it to the insane 5.500 £ that the Mulberry by Cara Delevigne Sky Blue Ostrich Bag  will cost you, and you might understand my excitement.

What do you think? Have you jumped on the rucksack bandwagon yet, or have you been bucking the trend so far? If so, could this Zara bag make you change your mind? It definitely did so for me 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mulberry for Everyone

  1. i just got this bag as a gift and at first I was unsure of how to open it and its other uses =))). I started searching for things on the internet for posts about it. I didn’t even know about the handbag thing! You made me love it even more thank you so much. Love your blog!


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