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Spring Blues: Review: Sephora’s Luxury Clay Mask That Doesn’t Break the Bank

If you’d like to combine the efficiency and affordability of a drugstore mud mask with the spa feeling and luxury packaging of a high-end product like the Glam Glow, look no further! 

Sephora2Do you, like me, find it hard to imagine your skin care routine without your weekly drugstore mud mask? And does your favourite mask, like mine, leaves nothing to be desired but that tiny little bit of glamour that sometimes can make all the difference ? When at Sephora, I can’t help but wish for everything in my face routine to be pretty, which is why I was immediately attracted by Sephora’s Mattifying and Purifying Mud Mask with Zink and Copper, that comes in a big sturdy jar rather than being welded in foil, like my drugstore ones. The price tag then tipped me over the edge, because 14 € (approximately, I can’t find it anywhere online) seemed very affordable for a Sephora mask: It is definitely more expensive per ml than my tried and trusted Schaebens mask (9 € vs. 23 € per 100 ml), but you obviously pay for the packaging and the name.

Therefore, if you are just looking for a mud mask that does the trick and nothing else, stay with something like the Schaebens 🙂 If however, you want to oomph the spa-factor of your mud mask experience, give the Sephora product a try. The (hard plastic) jar looks rather upmarket and is of high quality, coming with a second lid to protect the product from drying out. What adds to the spa feeling of this mask even more is the intense scent of this product, which however I can see being a controversial one: I would describe it as a medicinal basement scent (or smell… I dare say that 95 % of you are going to hate it). I myself was utterly put off by the scent in the store, but miraculously, I really appreciated it when I used the mask at home for the first time. No idea why, though, it still smells like medicine and basement 😀Sephora3

What makes this mud mask different from your ordinary mud mask is A) the fact that it contains copper and zinc, which both are known for their healing and drying properties and B) its special formula that you massage into your skin for a minute before leaving it to dry. It goes without saying that a mud mask that is applied in such a way has to be quite gentle, which is why I would recommend it over a harsh treatment like the Schaebens’ one for people with sensitive skin. As far as active ingredients go, Sephora’s mud mask relies on pure kaolin or china clay, which is not tingly or stingy, but still gives you a deep cleanse. After five to ten minutes, this face mask (that is of a dark grey colour like the Glam Glow) turns light blue, which is why I incorporated it into my Spring Blues series 🙂 It comes off easily and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean, but less stripped and dried out than other clay masks I have tried. This might be due to the fact that the mask’s main ingredients after porcelain clay are water and glycerin.

Thus, whilst I would 100 % recommend this mask to people with rather dry skin for a mild cleanse, I can hardly see people with very oily skin looking for an intense treatment being satisfied with the gentle action of this product. Given the fact that this mask contains perfumes and the preserving agent phenoxyethanol, I’d recommend a more pure formulation or even just pure clay mixed with water for sensitive skin. Personally, I have decided to use Sephora’s mask every other time in alternation with Schaebens’ Dead Sea treatment for (what at least feels like) a more deep cleanse. As a pamper product however, Sephora’s mud mask has become a staple already 🙂

Do you know of any mud masks on the more fancy side of things, that don’t completely break the bank? Please let me know 🙂


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