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Spring Blues: A Diva’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s

As the weather has never been more miserable in 2015 than since the official beginning of spring, this week’s blog posts can be considered a serious case of Spring Blues 🙂 Check out this year’s most gorgeous blues for your wardrobe, nails and face to fight the dreary skies.ChinaGlaze1Ever since OPI’s What’s With the Cattitude from their 2010 Shrek Collection, I am in search of the perfect pastel blue nail polish. Whilst the OPI varnish seems just perfect in the bottle, the colour turns out to be a lot more intense when applied: Hence, it looks more like a straightforward sky blue than a pastel blue. I still love it and wear it loads on my toes in summer, but for my fingers, the quest went on.

A few days ago then, I stumbled across a China Glaze display for the first time in my life: After having triumphantly added China Glaze’s long sought-for Christmas colour Ruby Pumps to my shopping basket, I browsed the display for more spring-appropriate colours and immediately fell in love with At Vase Value, a delicate pastel Tiffany blue on the verge of mint green-ness (around 7 €). Put next to an actual mint green like China Glaze’s Re-fresh Mint, you can clearly see that At Vase Value is a pale blue and not a green. Just like any pastel colour, it goes on a lot more intensely and looks less pastel on your nails than in the bottle: My hopes to have found the perfect, procelain blue started to evaporate.ChinaGlaze2

Another even more serious downside of this polish is the application: The combination of a really long and narrow brush and a quick-drying, low-pigmented formula definitely makes At Vase Value the diva of nail polish in my collection. It is certainly not a beginner’s varnish; unlike many OPI formulas, this China Glaze one will not do the trick when you are an expert, but in a hurry, either. As you can see in the pictures, it is possible to get streak-free, even results, but they require both time and skills. I applied my polish in three coats, the first two being very thin. One of the big advantages of this formula is that the polish dries instantly (literally!): Once you are done with your second hand, your first one will be completely (!) dry! However, after two coats, At Vase Value still looks streaky and, frankly speaking, horrible. What I then found to be the best application technique is to follow up with a third, very thick coat that you apply very quickly. Slow brush strokes will move the coats underneath, leaving you with ugly blank patches. Again, you will find that even the thick layer dries insanely quickly. To get rid of any last streaks and irregularities, top up with a gel-shine top coat or cover up blank patches with an effect polish like Essie’s A Cut Above. ChinaGlaze3

Voilà, Mini Eggs on your nails 🙂 At least for an hour or so… Because the pleasure of this China Glaze polish seems to be as ephemeral as a spring flower: After only 24 hours, the nails without the Essie topcpat had chipped so badly I had to take the polish off. Seems like the quest goes on after all!

By all means, let me know about your favourite pastel blues in the comments. I am not losing hopes just yet 🙂


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