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Sunday Funday: Bye-bye Niff!

Don’t we all wish our rooms would smell as fresh as the one in the thumbnail looks? Nothing but crisp, dewy air, gently swept by a sea breeze? Read on how to help your own four walls along, on a budget!

If like me, you live in a rather old and poorly ventilated building, you might be familiar with the odd hallway niff creeping in under your door. Since the hall in my apartment is teeny tiny and not a very frequented room, I found it hard to shed fragrance without overdoing it or spending ridiculous amounts of money on an expensive candle I would only be walking by carelessly. On the other hand, it annoyed me greatly to walk from my nicely scented main room into a hall filled with stale air I wasn’t even responsible for. Glaze1

Several months ago, a German youtuber talked about how much she liked a Glaze Anti-Tobacco Candle sold at every drugstore for under 3 € (burns for 30 hours). In desperate need of a hall-fragrance solution, I went to pick it up immediately: Ever since, my scent problem is solved 🙂 I think that the candle jar is downright ugly, but since it is pretty small, you can easily hide in one of your empty, more expensive jars or any other opaque glass container (the original jar has got a yellow and orange pattern on it you can’t see in the picture).

Apart from this one downside however, the Glaze candle leaves nothing to be desired: Unlike other candles, it does not mix with a room’s original scent to create an even more dubious scent concotion, but literally makes the niff disappear into thin air, leaving behind nothing but a pure, clean room smelling of fresh laundry. This I found quite unique in a candle in general and in such an inexpensive one in particular. Add the subtle, but noticeable and distinctly clean scent, and you might understand why I think Glaze did an excellent job with this candle 🙂

Don’t forget to tell me about your favourite expensive and inexpensive scented candles in the comments!

(Thumbnail: Skona Hem by Coco+Kelley is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0)


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