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Review: CD’s 24 h Moisture Cream

Finding the right moisturizer might be one of the most important steps in every beauty routine: Even though I have found a product that I am very happy with (Effaclar H), I am still looking for more affordable alternatives. Read on to find out what I think of this one ūüôā


I always try to buy my moisturizers from brands known for responsible¬†ingredients choices: Hence I have been stuck with La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar H for a year and a half now. I am unconditionally in love with the formula, but Effaclar H is almost¬†twice as expensive here in Germany (over 16 ‚ā¨) as it is in France (under 9 ‚ā¨): Needless to say this bugs me quite a lot. Also, the packaging is a real nightmare, leaving you¬†with around ten or twelve applications’ worth of product stuck in the tube.

Since both the price point and bad packaging started to be a pain in the neck, I kept my eyes open for alternatives and was quickly drawn in by the 24 h moisture cream¬†of the German brand CD, known for their strict purity requirements introduced back in¬†1971: All of their products are vegan and free of parabens, silicones and mineral oils, and the company claims to be working on PEG-free and aluminium-free products for future ranges. Considering the difficulties I had with Effaclar, both¬†the price (4,95 ‚ā¨ for 50 ml at my local drugstore) and the ingenious packaging sold me on the spot: Not only does CD’s moisturizer come in a pump dispenser which allows you to get¬†to the very last remainder of product; it is also equipped with a fancy twist-lock-mechanism that¬†makes the nozzle completely disappear and thus transforms your leaky¬†pump dispenser into the most travel-safe container you could wish for.


Even though packaging should not play a major role in your skin care choices, I cannot deny how much I was taken by the luxurious feel (and clicking noise :D) of the bottle: If the label was a bit more appealing, this product could easily sell for four times the price based on the packaging alone.

The product itself relies on glycerine (the second ingredient after water!) and hyaluronic acid as its main moisturizing agents: A variety of lipids such as cetearyl alcohol and octyldodecanol (fatty alcohols), capric triglyceride and shea butter provide nourishment for your skin without being too rich: Capric triglyceride in particular is known for being suitable both for sentitive and oily skins. The formula¬†is very easy to apply to your face, and a little goes a long way: Half a pump¬†is more than enough for your entire face, neck and d√©collet√©, a¬†full¬†pump (picture) could do your entire lower leg. I tried ūüėÄ

The lotion is very quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving an ever so slightly mask-like feeling however which I do not enjoy too much. CD’s signature waterlily perfume¬†is definitely a matter of taste: I am really¬†not a fan of this sour-floral scent, which I find to be especially¬†pungent in this product.


I always think of a moisturizer as¬†the equivalent of a glass of water for your skin: It is absolutely necessary and therefore to be consumed unhesitatingly. Thus, whenever you catch yourself thinking about skipping moisturizer because it might break you out or feel uncomfortable, you need to look for another product. As far as the CD moisture cream is concerned, the list of ingredients makes me think that most people should get away with using this product on a daily basis. As we all know however, everybody’s skin reacts differently:¬†Since this lotion is not explicitly non-comedogenic nor hypoallergenic, I would recommend it to people with normal to dry skin only, because I am not sure how sensitive skin would deal with the perfume or oily skin with the quite substantial amount of lipids. Also, definitely give it a sniff before making your purchase!¬†If you are not put off by the scent and just want an inexpensive, nourishing moisturizer with safe ingredients for unproblematic skin, CD’s moisture cream might by worth the try: The travel-safe, high-quality¬†container is¬†definitely¬†an extra bonus-point.¬†If your skin is acne-prone or very sensitive however, or if you consider your moisturizer to be part of an everyday, aromatherapeutic at-home-spa-experience, I’d not recommend this lotion despite its tempting price-point.

Personally, I will finish the bottle and then look on for a more convincing alternative to Effaclar H. Which moisturizer do you rely on? Please let me know in the comments ūüôā


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