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March Favourites

Spring has sprung and I’ve made a spring at everything novel, fresh and colourful the world of beauty had to offer. Check out my favourites 🙂 MarchFavs1

I dare say this lippie is not only going to be in my March favourites, but also in my 2015 ones! It definitely deserves a post of its own, which is coming your way very soon, but for now, let me just say: Run to your nearest Astor counter! There is no easier way to flawless colour on your lips (for less than 6 € at the drugstore!) 🙂MarchFavs3

  • Dove Nutrium Moisture in Pistachio and Magnolia

Usually, I hate switching from wintery to summery shower gels because I can never quite find products I like in the warmer months: This year, Dove’s Laura Mercier dupe I wrote about in a previous post has made the change very easy. Thanks a lot Dove and sorry Hot Toddy, see you in six months 🙂


  • Meßmer Klassik

This might seem like a bit of an unusual favourite, but if you have been following my blog for a while now, you might know how much I like my black tea in the morning. Since other bloggers and youtubers have got the same obsession, I obviously had to try their favourite teas as well and above all the infamous PG Tips that just about everybody seems to be drinking. I was so eager to try these fun and casual little pyramid baggies that you just nonchalantly throw into your cup and fish out with a spoon, and I could not contain my excitement when I found them in a big supermarket in Luxembourg. But what shall I say: The taste, guys, the taste! It’s just a bit coarse and needs a lot of milk and even more sugar in my opinion, which is why, despite me feeling very British when brewing my morning cup of tea, I was happy to return to my German classic by Meßmer. To make a long story short: All of you American and British people out there, give Meßmer’s tea a chance when you stumble across it, the taste is a lot more refined and delicate in my opinion.

  • P2 Color Victim in Pretty Little Thing

Since March has been really sunny and warm by our standards, I could whip out my bright polishes a lot earlier than ever before. My favourite colour to celebrate the sun was P2’s Pretty Little Thing, which I like to call my Crazy Granny varnish 😀 Blue skies made me get away with it.MarchFavs4

  • Esprit Snake-Print Slipper in Dark Night Blue

I have never been and probably never will be a summer boots kind of girl, hence the first sunrays always mean the end of boot-season and make me crave new shoes more than anything else. This year, I opted for a pair of slippers rather than ballet flats for the first time ever and I am deeply in love with this new discovery (no need to say HOW late I am to the bandwagon :D). I opted for a snake-print Esprit pair whose looks I found to be a bit less chunky than the Vans I tried. After two days of wear, I am head over heels in love with their looks and versatility, which is why they made it into my favourites’ post. However, since they are not real leather, they cut into my heels quite a lot and blood has been shed. I will let you know whether it’s just a matter of properly breaking them in, or a case of poor quality after all. What a bummer that would be!



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