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Drugstore Do’s and Don’ts #2

Ever since I first found out that what I thought to be an unfortunate manufacturing error is actually Catrice’s standard, I knew I’d have to warn you 🙂 

NP2Having to say this breaks my heart, but Catrice seriously messed up when they redesigned the brushes of their Ultimate Nail Lacquers! I usually appreciate Catrice as a brand, because their products are inexpensive (2,79 € for the nail varnish) and generally of good quality. Their nail polishes however are now the exception to the rule because of the brush: As you can see in the picture, the bristles are cut (or rather copped off) in an irregular triangle shape. Why, Catrice, why?


Needless to say that this does not work out very well on any nail bed, square or round, as you can see in this swatch. Unless you are interested in painting little preservatives on your nails… 😀


In fact, when I bought my first Catrice polish with the new brush (Vino Tinto), I was seriously convinced that these appalling, coarsely chopped bristles had to be a manufacturing error. A bit of research taught me otherwise. Considering Catrice’s lovely colour range and long lasting formula, I really hope we see a re-redesigned brush soon 🙂

In the meantime, try out Maybelline’s (slightly more expensive) Super Stay Forever Strong Gel Nail Colours (6,99 €): Not only is the brush perfectly cut, sized and shaped; the formula is also amazing, easy to apply and really long-wearing. On my nails, no varnish ever lasts for a full week without a topcoat, but if your nails are less prone to chipping, I could actually see this formula staying on for that long. At least, I have read on other blogs it does! Besides Essie polishes, whom we all have come to love by now, Maybelline ones are amongst the best you can find at the drugstore in my opinion, especially if you take into account the price point.


Tell me in the comments below if you have come across other good and inexpensive brands we should know of 🙂


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