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My Favourite Spring Polishes

As soon as the first flowers start to blossom, I banish my beloved tartan scarf colours to the very back end of my collection. Check out my favourite polishes to celebrate spring on your nails – on a budget 🙂


  • Essie Ballet Slippers

After almost half a year of dark and muted colours, let’s ring in the new season carefully: Whilst this delicate petal shade is definitely on the spring side of things, there is still room for more brightness and colour. Just the perfect shade to herald the start of a new season in dignity and contenance. My tip: Apply generous coats for a streak-free finish.


  • P2 Business Woman

In theory, the skies are always blue in spring and all you have to do is to sit in the sun and enjoy your first cone of ice cream… In reality, well… you know! It rains a lot and we still have to go to work just like any other day. But by all means, there is no need to match your nails to the dark skies and grey desks above and around you: P2s is the perfect mix of lilac and taupe to celebrate spring even on a rainy office day, when bright colours might seem just inappropriate, but at the same time, you cannot bear the thought of having a winter relapse on your nails 🙂


  • Essie Maximilian Strasse Her

Whilst the time of proper aqua colours is still to come, Essie have brought out this gorgeous mixture of turquoise and greige that unites all its name-giving city (Munich) stands for: An unbelievable mix of incontestable greige sophistication and sunny, blue sky Italian waterfront dolce vita. SpringPolish4

  •  P2 Pretty Little Thing

And last, but not least: P2’s Pretty Little Thing for the days when summer seems only a heartbeat away and you want to celebrate by letting your inner crazy granny out. This mixture of fuchsia and lilac certainly is one for the unafraid, but hey, there is a time for everything 😉


After one coat


After two coats







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