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Review: Rituals Good Luck Scrub

Since after my disappointment with The Body Shop’s Chocomania Scrub (which I shared on Tuesday), the hunt for a real body exfoliant had to continue, I thought I’d let you in on a more convincing product I found 🙂 


Right when I opened Ritual’s Good Luck scrub (19 € for 375 g) for the first time, I couldn’t help but be relieved and angry at the same time: Relieved at the fact that there seemed to be other people out there thinking that a scrub actually should contain scrubbing agents; and angry at how the Body Shop seems to fool their customers by luring them in with sugary sweet scents and then selling them products that hardly ever to do what they claim to do (check out the two reviews I have done on their scrubs). Whilst the Body Shop’s Chocomania Schrub didn’t even look, let alone feel like an exfoliant, Ritual’s Good Luck scrub is visibly of a sandy and grainy consistency that couldn’t be more appealing to flaky skin in need of a peel. A look at the ingredients confirmed my first impression, because the main ingredient of this product is actually sugar, a scrubbing agent, and not a moisturizer (like we have seen in Chocomania).


But don’t be afraid that the Good Luck scrub might be too abrasive for your skin: While the sugar particles do indeed feel rather harsh for the first few seconds, they grind themselves off and smooth down while you scrub away. Thus, they do not only leave your skin deeply exfoliated, but also well nourished, because they make way for what I call the products’ second phase, a beautiful blend of soybean oil, almond oil, safflower seed oil, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil and sunflower oil to nourish and glycerine to moisturize your skin.

As far as the scent is concerned, I would describe it as a grown-up, refreshing mix of orange peel and cedar wood that I see working for both men and women. Also, the tub it comes in looks and feels a lot more expensive and luxurious than the cheap-looking Body Shop packaging with its paper label that turns all chalky and yucky under the shower. Since 19 € might seem like a bit much for a sugar scrub (which you could easily mix from scratch at home with only a few ingredients), I only ever buy Rituals products after certain holidays, when they always have amazing offers going on and all their sets go on sale: For instance, I got a second scrub for free with any purchase over 35 €. Buy a huge gift set on sale, get a second scrub for free, and you have saved almost 2/3 of the original price 🙂

All in all, I highly recommend this scrub (and Rituals scrubs in general, I have tried a few including their salt scrub) to every adult who does not want to be fooled by cupcake scents, but who’s looking for a decent exfoliant that does nothing more, but also nothing less than what it claims!



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