The Perfect Spring Clean for the Perfect Wardrobe (Part II)

The moment of truth has come. Find out what not to forget when you tackle the pile of mess that calls itself your wardrobe 🙂

Spring Clean

Rubbermaid Homefree Series Closet Kit 3H11 by Rubbermaid Products is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Sorting things out

  • Go through every. single. item. you own. Yes, this includes your underwear and stockings, your loungewear, PJs and gym clothes, your shoes and handbags.
  • Divide everything into seven categories:
    • To keep
    • To wash
    • To iron
    • To be hemmed or fixed
    • Dry Cleaners
    • Charity
    • Recycling
  • I don’t believe in the “Give-Stuff-to-Friends”-strategy, because first of all, getting your closet organized is hard enough in and of itself: If you have to take into account your friends’ availability, you might end up with bags of clothes sitting around for weeks. Secondly, your friends will most likely take only a fraction of the clothes you show them: Afterwards, you will have to go to the charity and recycling bin all over again. Think pragmatically!
  • If you really don’t have the heart to give your Moschino shirt or Louboutin shoes to charity
    • Make sure to set a date with your friends beforehand: Ideally, the clothing swap takes place on the evening of your wardrobe spring clean.
    • Restrict your swapping pile to very special designer pieces: Your friends will either not be interested in an old H&M jumper at all, or they will end up not wearing it, just like you didn’t: These pieces are far better off in the hands of people who actually need them. Charity bin!
  • In order to decide whether you want to keep something or not, ask the following, crucial questions:
    • Is the piece of clothing still in good condition? I.e.: Would I wear it the way it looks and smells right now?
      • If not, can it be fixed, washed, dry cleaned or ironed? If so, add it to the according pile.
      • If not, throw it out.
    • Have I been wearing this item one single time over the past twelve months? If not, it has to go. Be strict, even if it hurts!
      • This question does not apply to special occasion pieces or to clothes you can only wear in really hot (bikini) or really cold weather (down jacket) .
      • Don’t fudge: turning every comfy oversized sweater into loungewear does not count as organizing your wardrobe :). I recommend that you set yourself a limit as far as loungewear is concerned. Nobody needs more than seven loungewear tops and bottoms for one season!
    • For the stuff you want to keep, check whether it still fits or whether you can have it altered.  If not, throw it out. You might keep it if you only need to lose or gain a little bit of weight, but as I wrote in my first post on this topic, you shouldn’t adapt your body to your wardrobe, but your wardrobe to your body.
    • Lastly, for every item you intend to keep, put together an entire outfit with what you own. If you cannot manage to do so, either throw out the piece or set yourself a time limit within which you need to have found a complementary piece. If after two months or five shopping rounds, you still haven’t found a pair of trousers that goes with this one top, it might simply not work anymore 🙂

Do you have any tipps to add? Let me know in the comments! If not, stay tuned for the finishing touches to your wardrobe on Sunday 🙂


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