The Perfect Spring Clean for the Perfect Wardrobe (Part I)

As spring draws near, shops fill with new collections in bright and tempting colours that seem impossible to resist. But before you give in, check out my master plan for the closet of your dreams 🙂  Spring Clean

Rubbermaid HomeFree Series Closet System by Rubbermaid Products is licensed under CC BY 2.0

With stats telling us that we actually wear as little as 20 % of all the clothes we own, it seems like a good idea to rethink our collection before adding more to it. Not only will a thorough spring clean help you to get your money’s worth out of the clothes you own and to purchase pieces you actually need; having an organized, picture perfect wardrobe is also a very satisfactory thing in and of itself if you ask me 🙂  Today, check out my top tips to set the course for your perfect spring clean!

The Master Plan

  • Most importantly, take your time! Whilst some people might say that “the right time” never comes and that it is better to get things done as you go, little by little, I am a firm believer in doing each thing in its proper time and in purposefully dedicating time to one project and one project only. So my recommendation would be to take half a day or even a day off and properly spring clean your wardrobe: Eight hours seem like the bare minimum to me! If you wonder how on earth organizing a closet might take up as much as an entire day, just read on 🙂
  • Set your goals, be strict and work within your capacities. Often enough, we mindlessly shop, stuff clothes into our wardrobes and end up never wearing them because they are in such bad condition, because we are overwhelmed by our collections or because we don’t even manage to see a third of everything we own in in this big pile of mess. Therefore, work with the space you have! There is no way a collection three times as big as your closet can hold will ever look organized. Obviously, you should make the most of your space, but there are natural limits to everything. If you want to call one of these gorgeous movie star collections your own, your goal should be to keep only as much as fits into your closet! This might mean that you have to throw out a lot, but you better do it now than in a few years time, when your collection will have grown even more!
  • Get your utensils ready: You will need a full-length mirror, large plastic bags, a bowl of hot soapy water with a few drops of essential oils in it, wet and dry cloths, laundry detergent and shoe polish and a shoe brush.
  • Since you don’t want to throw your old clothes into the litter bin, find out where your nearest charity collection bin and textile recycling bin are situated and when they are accessible. I’d highly recommend you go there on the same day you clean your wardrobe, because there is no point in having an organized wardrobe, but a flat stuffed with bags of old clothes. Keep in mind that you might need a helping hand and/or a car to bring your bags to the charity bin: Get this sorted out before you start, too!
  • Find a good tailor’s or alteration shop and check out their opening hours.
  • Find a dry cleaners near you and, again, check the opening hours.
  • An organized wardrobe starts with having enough hangers. While it might not be a good idea to buy hangers before you start cleaning out your closet, save some time to do so afterwards, ideally on your way back from the charity and recycling bins.
  • Last, but not least: Do your wardrobe organizing when you are your normal weight! If you want to change something about your body, do so, but make sure to keep your weight for a few weeks before adapting your wardrobe. I don’t believe in first organizing your closet and then loosing or gaining weight to fit into your clothes. It should be the other way round! Therefore, I never organize my closet after weeks of over-indulging in chocolate or after a strict diet. 

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