Lustrous Skin, Day to Night

The weather has been crispy-cold and leaving us with gorgeously flushed and “breezy”, but also very dry cheeks. A good make-up bag however wouldn’t be a good make-up bag without one or two little helpers to fix that wintery lack of lustre 🙂 


For daytime, I love Alverde’s liquid Rose Tinted Highlighter, which first of all convinces me because of its great ingredients: Alverde is a certified organic brand. The Rose Tinted Highlighter also only costs a mere tenth (yes, tenth!!) of the price of  Benefit’s High Beam, whom it resembles a lot both in terms of packaging and product performance (2,95 vs. 29 €). Despite being a little more subtle in its effects than the Benefit product, the Rose Highlighter still is the perfect daytime highlighter in my eyes, since it adds a gorgeous touch of light and lustre to your cheekbones without being glittery or shimmery at all. It simply reflects the light and makes your skin look plump and well moisturized whilst not being perceptible as make-up for the untrained eye. I have to admit that I initially was quite sceptical about the formula and its blendability, but after a few uses, I am now fully convinced: On the one hand, the liquid cream texture makes it easy to blend the highlighter, on the other hand however, the fact that it dries rather quickly helps you to apply the product on your cheekbones only instead of dragging it up too high or down too low.


Between nightfall and daybreak however, nothing can keep me from whipping out my super shimmery, opulently lustrous, golden Mary-Lou Manizer (around 18 €). Since this is probably the most talked-about ever highlighter aside from Nars’s Albatros, I just could not resist the temptation when a few months ago, I stumbled across a The Balm counter, even though I wasn’t into highlighting at all at the time. As of the first use however, I fell in love with the gleaming radiance Mary-Lou Manizer added to my cheekbones without making them looking glittery and cheap: There is just something about well highlighted, lustrous, shimmery, but glitter free cheekbones that makes every make-up look that little bit more glamorous and sexy. Even though this powder product is (obviously) more prone to moving around on your face throughout the night than Alverde’s cream one, I find the staying powers quite decent, especially if you apply a rather small quantity of product with an appropriate brush like a Real Techniques Setting Brush. Just like Alverde, The Balm make very responsible choices about their ingredients, hence Mary-Lou Manizer is talcum free: The cherry on an already pretty awesome cake if you ask me 🙂


Left to right: Alverde (blended), Alverde, The Balm

Left to right: Alverde (blended), Alverde, The Balm

Thanks to these two goodies, I can now happily say bye-bye to dull winter skin: Which products do you rely on to create that perfect glow?


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