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Gorgeous Talcum Free Blusher Discovery :)

If like me, you are trying to keep your make-up bag talcum free whilst not compromising on the cuteness factor, look no more: The Balm is the solution we have all been waiting for! 🙂

Just like pretty much every single skin care and make-up ingredient, talcum is controversially discussed: Whilst in my opinion, you should not allow yourself to be afraid of using anything other than water and curd soap, there are a few ingredients I seriously distrust; talcum being one of them. I am not qualified to voice more than a mere personal opinion, but since there seems to be evidence linking (inhaled) talcum to lung cancer and other respiratory diseases, I do not want to dust talcum all over my face every single day. As I’ve stated in a previous post, skin care is all about striking a balance between using products that make you feel good and products that actually are good for you: Hence I am not concerned about small amounts of talcum that might be contained in my eye shadows or about using a talcum-based product every now and then, but I try to avoid using face powders and blushers containing talcum on a regular basis, since these products are more likely to be inhaled in larger quantities (given the application form and area).

Fratboy 2

I have found the perfect talcum free foundation and face powder a long time ago. Until recently however, I had been looking hard, yet unsuccessfully for a talcum free blusher that doesn’t look and feel like a talcum free blusher, i.e. that does not come in a packaging seemingly designed by a blind monkey or in the form of a loose powder leading to utterly annoying explosions of red and coral on my make-up table every. single. day. Turned out that finding such a talcum free blusher is pretty much the equivalent of squaring the circle! To be perfectly honest with you, I had simply given up and lost all hope, until one beautiful day, I unsuspectingly stumbled across a The Balm counter. Needless to say I was drawn into pretty much every single one of their products: Not only are they quite reasonably priced considering the performance and fun factor, they are also insanely pigmented, very blendable and downright adorable in terms of packaging!

Since sadly enough, many brands still seem to choose between glamour, fun and performance OR responsible ingredients, nothing would have ever made me think The Balm products might be talcum free: Imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out there are!! 🙂

The blusher I picked is a gorgeous everyday coral called Fratboy (aroud 18 €): In the pan, Fratboy seems to be slightly shimmery, but it comes out perfectly matt on your skin. What I like most about this blush is its incredible blendability as well as the fact that despite being matt, it does not look chalky in the slightest: Whereas other coral blushers like Nars Orgasm can be a bit too much for daytime because of their shimmer particles, Fratboy gives you that famous glow, but without Edward-glitter!

Fratboy 3




The packaging might be controversial and will not please women who only like Chanel and Dior sophistication. Personally however, I find that the very “young” appeal of the brightly coloured cartoon scene is perfectly balanced by the rather classy vintage drawing and the overall quality of the packaging material: Nothing more satisfying than that perfect *clatch*-noise of a magnetic latch 🙂

So there you go: A panoply of talcum free, carefully designed and named, fun and high performance make-up at really affordable prices: Thanks, The Balm! Check out http://www.thebalm.com and let me know what you could see yourselves fall for 🙂


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