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Drugstore Do’s and Don’ts #1

Is there anything more rewarding than browsing through the drugstore and going home with a bag of goodies full to bursting? Yes, there is! It’s the aha moment of discovering that whatever you have bought actually works 🙂 I am going to start off my “Drugstore Do’s and Don’ts” series with two very inexpensive shampoos that don’t have anything in common apart from the price and brand tag: Balea’s Oil Repair and Beautiful Long Shampoo are perfect examples for how total failures and all-time favourites can sit next to each other on your drugstore’s shelve.


To give you the bad news first: Balea’s Oil Repair Shampoo isn’t even worth the few bucks it costs (around 1,5 €). I really want to save you a long, miserable story, which is why I shall just say that

  • the scent of this product is a veritable disaster: If you are 11 years old and just getting into the world of food-scented products, you might like this sickly sweet wanna-be “coconut and vanilla” fragrance. If on the other hand, you don’t want your hair to smell like a gone off Piña Colada, stay away from this shampoo.
  • I don’t see the point in using a shampoo whose “oil repair” formula makes you wash your hair more often than if you had just used plain water. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total fan of shampoos that try not to strip the hair of its natural moisture and oils: But a shampoo that actively adds this amount of grease to my hair is like food that makes me hungry.
  • The only kind of hair I see this shampoo work on would be extremely coarse and thick: If your hair is more on the sleek and/or fine side however, don’t even think about buying this product.

Balea’s Beautiful Long Shampoo on the other hand definitely has the potential to make it into my top 3 shampoos of all times.

  • First off, this is the only shampoo I have ever used that matches up to the indescribable, luxurious scent of 30 € salon shampoos! Whereas washing my hair always just felt like quite the chore, the lush scent of this product has made me love this step of my beauty routine.
  • Whilst thoroughly cleaning your hair with sodium laureth sulfate and the more gentle anionic surfactant cocamidopropyl betaine, Balea’s (silicon free) shampoo keeps its promises and does not leave your long hair dry or brittle afterwards.
  • A mixture of pantenol and glycerin draws back moisture into the shaft, while phyto-keratin makes up for lost protein.
  • A few drops of mountain peanut oil round off the mixture and nourish your hair without making it look greasy.

In total, this Balea shampoo contains and does everything you could possibly ask for in a shampoo (check out my Hairvember Post for more information on five key ingredients you shouldn’t be missing out on in your hair care routine). Personally, I even consider the combination of protein, fat and humectants to be quite unique for a product of this price range (around 1,5 €): Add the divine scent, and you might understand why this shampoo is a 2015 favourite already 🙂


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