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Sunday Funday: Make Your Mani Last!

Chipped manicures are definitely not fun! In this Sunday Funday’s post, read how to prevent them 🙂


I have been looking for a way to make my manicure last as long as possible for a really long time, but it is only now that I have finally found a product that fulfills my expectations! What I am talking about is P2’s All Light series, consisting of a UV base and top coat that can either be used with a UV lamp or in natural light. Just as any P2 products, the All Light series is really inexpensive, the top and base coats retailing at 3,95 € each.

Make sure to apply a generous (!) layer of both top and base coat and to pay special attention to coating your nail tips. Whilst the base coat (white bottle) only takes around 30 seconds to dry, the top coat should be left alone for at least a good ten minutes: But it is worth the wait! In combination with a P2 nail polish, my manicure lasts me around five to seven days, which is two to three times as long as it would do without. Not only does the All Light series prevent chipping and tip wear, it also keeps the manicure looking glossy and gel-like. Combined with nail polishes from other brands, the effects can be less remarkable, but the two coats definitely prolong the lifespan of any polish. Keep in mind that you have to do your manicure during the day if you are not using a UV lamp: Otherwise, your polish simply won’t dry.

All in all, I can only highly recommend you give these products a go: Considering the pricing, there isn’t really much at stake. I wish you all a very happy, chip free Sunday, and don’t forget to tell me which top and base coats you swear by! 🙂


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